These vegan marshmallow Mummy Pops will be a scream at your Halloween bash

Courtesy of Dandies candy
These mummy pops make cute party treats

About this recipe

These marshmallow Mummy Pops are made with Dandies vegan marshmallows, which are free of animal products and corn syrup. They can be adapted with any marshmallow and any white chocolate. You may also choose to scale up the recipe for a larger crowd!


6 Dandies regular marshmallows

1/2 pound vegan white chocolate baking chips

12 edible candy eyeball sprinkles

Other materials:

decorative paper straws

Piping bag or ziplock bag


Melt white chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl.

Dip marshmallow into the chocolate, swirling to coat.

Using a small piping bag (or Ziploc bag with the tip cut), drizzle chocolate over marshmallows to create mummy “bandages.”

Add candy eyeballs to marshmallows before the chocolate hardens.

Insert paper straw into the bottom of each marshmallow.

For serving, place the mummy pops in a glass jar with coffee beans (pictured) or dried black beans.