Grilled Blue Cheese & Prosciutto Sandwich

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Grilled Blue Cheese & Prosciutto Sandwich

About the recipe

This recipe was originally published on National Grilled Cheese Day, and is a collaboration between Southern Kitchen’s Jeffrey Gardner and Josh Conner.

Serves: 1

Hands On Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes


Preserves (fig is optimal; pear and grape are also good)

Sliced sourdough bread

Blue cheese


Salted butter, softened, or mayonnaise


Take a slice of sourdough bread and place the preserves on one side, corner-to-corner. Cover with blue cheese, followed by a couple of slices of prosciutto. Place another slice of the bread on top, and spread softened butter or mayonnaise on the top-facing side of the sandwich.

Lay the sandwich inside a pan, with the buttered side facing down. Take the same softened butter or mayonnaise and spread it on the top side of the sandwich.

Let the bread on the bottom cook until it’s GBD – Golden Brown and Delicious – then flip it to the other side. Let it sit until equally GBD and the cheese is hot and melted throughout: a.k.a “creamy-dreamy.” Serve.