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Good morning!

I'm happy you've welcomed me into your inbox. You might not have heard from me before, so let me introduce myself before I get to the reason you subscribe to this newsletter in the first place: the food.

I'm the new editor of Southern Kitchen, which recently relaunched with a fresh new look and new stories. We're keeping plenty of the classic Southern recipes you know, but we're introducing some fun new travel stories and features on chefs you might not have heard of before

This week, we've published stories about chefs who want to bring more heirloom corn to the U.S. and a food blogger who makes healthier versions of savory and sweet Southern classics.

Check out those recipes below. The pozole is a standout! You should try that this weekend if you have a little time. If you want to make it in less time — though it's still a project dish — skip the dried corn and add canned hominy at the end. I've tried that shortcut, and it's perfectly delicious. 

But it's Friday, and you're probably wondering what to cook when you get home or finally shut the laptop and wander from the home office toward the kitchen. For me, that means moving from one side of the kitchen bar to the other, where the stove and the wine are waiting. 

Why not grab a rotisserie chicken, some canned beans and broth from the store and make this easy white bean chili, which comes together in 20 minutes? Top it with cheese and some guacamole and serve it with chips, and you've got a quick and comforting dinner. 

To save on the dishwashing, you could try this salmon, cooked in foil packets with tarragon vinaigrette. You could even try some store-bought vinaigrette to save time. We won't tell. 

Perhaps it's been a long week, and you just want to mix up a cocktail and order a pizza. We've got you covered.

For weekend cooking, take a look at the recipes below, and find even more at See you next week!

-Mackensy Lunsford 

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