Skipping alcohol? A gift guide for the sober drinker

Todd A. Price
The American South

Do you have someone on your gift list who is sober? Maybe you've given up alcohol yourself. Or you're throwing a party this holiday season and want to make sure everyone has something delicious to drink.

Southern Kitchen put together this list of syrups, shrubs and even a non-alcoholic whiskey from across the South.

Old North Shrub

Old North in North Carolina makes shrubs with local flavors.

Shrubs are drinking vinegars with a history that stretches back to the 16th century in Europe. Made with vinegar and fruit, they can be sipped on their own, combined with club soda or used as the base of a cocktail. The Chef's Farmer, a Shelby, North Carolina farm that supplies area restaurants, created a line of shrubs that celebrate the flavors of the state, like muscadine grapes or Lady Williams apples.

Order at oldnorthshrub.com.

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Pink House Alchemy syrups and bitters

Pink House Alchemy in Fayetteville, Arkansas, ships syrups, bitters and shrubs across the country.

Based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Pink House Alchemy ships syrups, bitters and shrubs across the country. The ginger syrup has a bite, and the Mexican chile syrup brings the heat. The company, appropriately enough located in a pink building, also has jars of dehydrated apple and citrus slices for garnishes. The Pink House Alchemy website has plenty of non-alcoholic drink recipes. (Note: The bitters contain a small amount of alcohol, roughly as much as vanilla extract.)

Order at www.pinkhousealchemy.com.

Perfectly Cordial syrups

Perfectly Cordial,  based in Nashville, makes flavored syrups for cocktails and mocktails.

The Black-owned, Nashville-based business was founded by a bartender who saw more guests asking for alcohol-free alternatives. Perfectly Cordial's top selling syrups include hibiscus with honeycomb, pear rose with pink peppercorn and mango Mexican chili.

Order at www.perfectlycordial.com.

Cane & Herb syrups

Memphis-based Cane & Herb makes floral syrups with flavors like rose, lavender and hibiscus.

The Memphis-based business began with an impromptu rosemary simple syrup. The husband and wife team of Rob Williams and Lauren Thompson-Williams realized the tasty syrup was worth selling. They now make many floral syrups with flavors like rose, lavender and hibiscus.

Order at www.caneandherb.com.

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Kentucky 74 non-alcoholic whiskey

Spiritless created its Kentucky 74 as a substitute for bourbon.

The art of making non-alcoholic "spirits" continues to advance. Spiritless created its Kentucky 74 as a substitute for bourbon. Kentucky 74 is best in a cocktail, like a classic Old Fashioned. It can be used one-to-one with bourbon in a cocktail to cut back on the alcohol content without watering down the flavor. Spiritless also makes an alcohol-free tequila.

Order at spiritless.com and through online stores like Amazon.com.