Easy, make-ahead breakfasts for holiday guests

Mackensy Lunsford
Southern Kitchen

The holidays were meant for gathering. They're also seemingly built for stress. Take a bit of a load off of your already overly filled to-do list with this collection of breakfasts you can easily make in advance and heat up when it's time to feed the fam.

Southern Caprese breakfast strata

This breakfast strata is perfect for when you have company for breakfast.

Warm, roasted tomatoes and melted mozz give this breakfast casserole Italian flavor, while the biscuit topping brings it home to the South. This vegetarian dish is perfect for gatherings, as it can be made in advance and popped in the oven when you're ready to bake it. Rich, hearty and filling, this is a cold-weather meal through and through. Get the recipe

Butternut Squash and Walnut Muffins

Winter squash muffins

A perfect accompaniment to your spiced latte, these butternut squash muffins give banana bread a run for its money. Serve these with some fresh fruit, a variety of spreads and yogurt for a somewhat healthy, easy meal for guests, even if they're on the way out the door. This recipe can also be made in a bread loaf pan — just bake it a little longer. Stored in an airtight container or plastic bag, these will stay fresh for one week. Get the recipe

Cheesy potato casserole

Cheesy Skillet Potato Casserole

Loosely based on a French “tartiflette,” this casserole works well as a warming brunch or breakfast. It's also a good make-ahead option, as the potatoes actually work better if baked the day before. With plenty of bacon, hearty cheese and sauteed onions, this is a savory winter warmer that goes well with some fresh fruit on the side and plenty of mugs of hot coffee. Get the recipe

Anne Byrn's breakfast strata

Do Ahead Breakfast Strata

The real upside to this recipe is that it is money in the bank. It's sitting there all prepped in the fridge, and all you have to do on Christmas or New Year’s morning is just pop it in the oven. Get everyone to the table, because in about an hour the strata will puff up, turn golden-brown and look fabulously important. And then it will slightly fall, but nevertheless, be just as delicious. Get the recipe

Quiche "Lurleen"

Quiche Lurleen

“Lurleen” is a tongue-in-cheek Southern riff on the classic French quiche Lorraine. While Lorraine is made using Gruyere and bacon, we’ve added cooked collards for Lureen’s version, as well as swapped in a more neutral blend of Jack cheese and Parmesan. Of course, we had to keep the bacon, and (in fact) we added a bit more than is found in the average Lorainne recipe. It's the Southern way. Get the recipe

Crab quiche

If you live in an area where good, fresh crab is easy to come by, this is an excellent way to serve it. This quiche turns out fluffy, creamy and rich, and is just at home at the breakfast table as it is at lunch with a simply dressed green salad. For a mid-Atlantic twist, add a shake or two of Old Bay over each slice when you serve it. Get the recipe

Country ham and broccoli frittata

Country Ham and Broccoli Frittata

Think of a frittata as a crustless quiche, or an omelet without any pressure of the ever-treacherous flip. It’s a great one-pan wonder that can easily feed a small group. You can also use this base recipe as a template to fill with any cooked or cured meat or vegetables you may already have in your refrigerator. The only special equipment you’ll need is a large nonstick skillet. Get the recipe