The only Southern comfort food recipe collection you’ll ever need

Ryan Shepard

What do you picture when you think about comfort food? For me it’s my mother’s smothered fried pork chops, macaroni and cheese, and green beans with smoked turkey bits. This meal brings up memories of my childhood when everything was easier and I had way fewer responsibilities. 

There is just something about Southern comfort food that feels like you’ve wrapped your entire body — and stomach — in a nice warm blanket. Pillows of whipped creamy potatoes, crusty fried chicken and smothered vegetables all on your plate help melt away the world’s troubles, if only for one bite. 

Eating the food of your culture or childhood helps to tether you to the now and allows for you to enjoy a moment with your favorite dish. But it can be exhausting trying to round up all of your favorite comfort food recipes, so we took some time and did it for you. With the temperatures still in the 30s in many parts of the South, there is no more perfect time than now to whip up some of your favorite comfort foods and snuggle up with those you love. 

Breakfast Sando

7 uniquely Southern breakfast dishes

Breakfast is serious business down here, and different Southern regions have longstanding traditions that showcase the best their state has to offer. Some dishes are a little crazy, ahem scrapple sandwich, but the ones featured in this list are worth bringing to your own breakfast table. 

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Get a pot of water simmering for our 3 favorite grits recipes

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and these rib-sticking grits recipes are the perfect option when you want to make sure you’re eating something hearty. The best thing about these recipes are the variety of options. Want sweet grits? Who’s to judge? Looking for something a little more savory? We’ve got you covered there too. 

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Virginia Willis Buttermilk Biscuits

6 of our fluffiest, flakiest Southern biscuit recipes

No matter how you make them, biscuits are a non-negotiable for any Southern breakfast table. Try out six of our absolute favorite recipes and find one that suits your taste.

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Cast Iron Seared Pork Chop With Red Eye Gravy

These 3 updated classics will warm your belly and soul

Mississippi roast, Nashville hot chicken and cast iron pork chops with red eye gravy are the stars of this round-up. If you’re looking for a stand-out main protein during your comfort food binge, look no further than these three flavorful options. 

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Fried Chicken Atl History Center

Southern Kitchen’s complete guide to the very best fried chicken

Almost every culture around has a fried chicken recipe, but none are more iconic or synonymous with a region than Southern fried chicken. Whether pre-marinated in buttermilk or tossed in a paper grocery bag with varying spices, there are a ton of different ways to prepare one of the most popular dishes in the South.

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Deviled Eggs

10 yolk-tastic deviled egg recipes

It wouldn’t be a comfort food round-up without a deviled egg recipe — or 10. Deviled eggs have long been a mainstay on the tables of polite Southern society and barbecues, picnics and any other gathering imaginable. While we’re still fans of the traditional recipe, you’ll surely find something that suites your taste if you’re ready to spice things up. 

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Our 10 ooey-gooeyist macaroni and cheese recipes

A beloved soul food, homemade Southern macaroni and cheese is easy to share, and even easier to eat, as an appetizer, side or even the main course. These 10 recipes make achieving that gooey goodness as easy as one, two, cheese.

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Sweet And Spicy Collards

18 can’t-get-enough recipes for collards, kale and every green in between

From collards to kale and even turnip and mustard, there’s a Southern-grown green for you. Whether you like them raw, slightly sauteed or full on braised with smoked meat, this guide will walk you through the best recipes there are for the green leafy vegetable in your life. 

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Strawberry Crepes

5 nontraditional twists on classic Southern cornbread

Whether used to soak up the delectable juices seeping from its dinner counterparts or added as a side to your holiday spread, cornbread is a necessity at any Southern dinner table. And while we love true, traditional recipes, there’s also something to be said for totally delicious, totally nontraditional cornbread. Try out these five recipes to prove it — just don’t tell Grandma!

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Apple Hand Pies

Ready your butter, your flour, your sugar for these 33 Southern pies

Pies are every Southerner’s favorite dessert. Whether apple, blueberry, pecan or peach, there is a pie for us all here. 

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