These 3 bread boxes will make sure your bread stays fresher, longer

Amber Van Wort

Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked bread wafting through your home. But without all of the added preservatives you find in pre-sliced bread from the store, it can be tough to keep homemade bread fresh. That’s where a good old-fashioned bread box comes in to play.

Whether you’re baking bread from scratch or picking up a loaf from your favorite bakery, a quality bread box is an excellent way to keep your bread crust crunchy while leaving the inside soft and chewy. Alternative storing methods simply don’t hold up. Leaving your bread unprotected on the counter will leave you with nothing but croutons, and storing your bread in a plastic bag will trap too much moisture, causing the bread to develop mold. Our favorite way to store bread is in the Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box because of it’s sleek design and magnetic seal.

Considerations when choosing bread boxes

Bread boxes are simple in design, but there are still a number of factors to consider before buying one for yourself.


Will you have enough counter space? Most boxes are designed to hold one or two loaves of bread, making them one of the larger kitchen accessories. Always check specific measurements before purchasing. If countertop storage simply isn’t an option, you may want to consider a wall-mounted bread box instead.

Lid design

Roll-up: Bread boxes with lids slide up into the box don’t require much space and are ideal for placing on a shelf.

Hinged: Bread boxes with hinged lids require more space for opening and are best suited for open counter space.

Cutting board: These multi-purpose lids can also serve as cutting boards. They are normally made from wood and have an inverted handle for easy removal.


A quality bread box will usually have air vents. These are put in place to prevent a build-up of moisture, which can lead to moldy bread.

Style and design

Remember, these boxes aren’t exactly portable, so as an accessory that’s renting serious counter space, you want to make sure your bread box fits your decor. Whether it’s rustic country, fun and colorful, or sleek and modern, there is a bread box out there to meet everyone’s taste.


Common bread box materials include wood, stainless steel, ceramic, and plastic. Each has its own benefits in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Wood: Wood bread boxes have a traditional, rustic feel to them. They typically have a spacious interior, making them ideal for large households.

Stainless steel: Often modern in design, stainless steel bread boxes are durable and easy to keep clean.

Ceramic: Ceramic bread boxes are excellent at keeping your bread moist. They are aesthetically pleasing but also heavy and easier to break.

Plastic: While it may not always be the most attractive option, a clear plastic bread box allows you to see how your bread is holding up without removing the lid. These boxes are lightweight and tend to be a more affordable option.


Simple but functional bread boxes range anywhere from $20 to $40. Larger, featured-packed boxes tend to sit around the $50 mark, while some of the more aesthetically designed boxes may cost upwards of $70.


Q. Will storing bread in the refrigerator keep it fresh?

A. While storing your bread in the fridge does help prevent mold growth, it fails to keep the bread fresh. In fact, the coldness actually speeds up the retrogradation process, leaving you with dry, unappealing bread.

Q. How long will my bread stay fresh inside the box?

A. Your bread will probably stay at peak freshness for almost one week. However, there are a number of other factors that determine freshness, such as type of bread (store-bought vs. homemade), the quality of bread box, and the overall environment.

Q. What can I do with bread that’s gone stale?

A. Stale bread without mold can still be used in a number of recipes, such as homemade croutons, French onion soup, stuffing, and bread pudding.

Bread boxes we recommend

Best of the best: Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

Our take: An efficient and aesthetic way to keep your bread fresh and delicious.

What we like: The flat top provides additional storage space for canisters and other kitchen items. With its ability to be wall-mounted, this box is a space-saving dream. It’s made from durable, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel material, and the magnetic lid keeps freshness locked in.

What we dislike: The lightweight box does sit at a hefty price point.

Best bang for your buck: Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box

Our take: The perfect choice for those working with limited space and a limited budget.

What we like: The compact size and sliding lid make this bread box perfect for fitting into smaller spaces or shelves. Despite sitting at a bargain price point, this bread box does not compromise on quality.

What we dislike: Fingerprints show up easily on the brushed stainless steel box.

Choice 3: Juvale Vintage Inspired Bread Box

Our take: This beautifully designed vintage bread box has all the key features needed to keep bread fresh for longer.

What we like: Add a pop of color to any countertop with this vintage-style bread box. The spacious interior is ideal for holding multiple loaves. It’s properly ventilated to keep freshness in and excess moisture out.

What we dislike: The hinged lid requires more storage space than other models.

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