Spiced Irish coffee from the flavor gurus at Spicewalla

Southern Kitchen

If you like to cook, you might want to familiarize yourself with Spicewalla.

The chef-driven company imports, roasts and hand-packages premium spices, offering such a rich array of products it will tempt you to stockpile new ones. 

Oprah's even a fan, with Spicewalla's "Kitchen Essentials Kit" earning a coveted place on her Favorite Things 2019 list, an honor that forced the makers to buy every tin in the United States.

Arguably, the most famous gift-giver in the world would not lead you astray.

While spices are integral to flavoring food, of course, they can also lend flavor to cocktails. Here, the spice gurus at Spicewalla have provided a version of Irish coffee with warming spices, which is perfect on a chilly night, or even as a brunch drink.

Recipe by Lexy Durst.

This spiced Irish coffee will warm you right up.


2 ounces Irish Whiskey

3/4 ounces rich demerara syrup (recipe follows)

5 ounces hot coffee

1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder

Cinnamon sticks for garnish

For the whipped cream

1 cup of heavy whipping cream

2 individual bottles of Underberg

1 teaspoon of green cardamom powder

For the demerara syrup:

1 part boiling water

2 parts demerara sugar

Stir to dissolve.


Start by making your whipped cream (we'd hate to have your coffee go cold!). Combine one cup of heavy whipping cream with two bottles of Underberg and a teaspoon of green cardamom powder. Whip cream lightly until soft peaks form, but don't overwhip it.

Add whiskey and demerara syrup to a pre-warmed mug; fill mug with hot water first; it will keep your drink warmer longer. Pour hot coffee into mug, and stir well to combine your ingredients.

Use the back of a spoon to slowly layer your lightly-whipped Underberg cardamom cream on top, being careful not to break the coffee layer. Grate or sprinkle cinnamon right on top, add a cinnamon stick and voila! You've just made the greatest Irish Coffee of all time.