Make a colorful, bubbly mimosa bar for every kind of event, all year round

Lindsay Davis
Mimosa bar with Champagne and juices

Women in the South prioritize hospitality, and there are few more hospitable greetings when walking into a soiree than a glass of Champagne and an overflowing bar of juices and garnishes with which to customize a mimosa.

Whether you’re celebrating a bridal shower, baby shower or holiday brunch, a mimosa bar will surely set a fun tone for the affair.

"Momosa" bar

The essentials

From a springtime Easter brunch, a summertime bridesmaids’ luncheon or crisp fall baby shower, no matter the season or event, you can set a mimosa bar to match the affair and cater to each guests’ fancy.

You’ll need to gather prosecco, cava or Champagne, depending on budget, along with several types of fresh juice for the base of your mimosa bar. Any entertaining pro (a.k.a. any girl in the South) should have a Champagne bucket or beverage tub on hand. If not, this is the perfect time to make that purchase. In a pinch? Grab your favorite SEC football team’s cooler you have stowed away in the garage and decorate the outside!

Before you begin your Champagne campaign, ensure you’re offering a varied lineup of bubbly. Guests with differing tastes may prefer a dry Champagne to a sweet prosecco, especially when paired with a super-sweet mixer such as peach juice. (We are in Georgia, after all).

Snag some carafes or pitchers for your various juices to pair with your wine. This is where it gets fun,  y’all —  think outside of the OJ box. If you’re throwing that baby shower in the fall, make apple cider an option for your “Mom-osa.” If your party is in the summer, offer watermelon or pineapple juice — the sky’s the limit! For those who like the classics, make sure to offer orange or tangerine juice. (My personal favorite.)

Tropical-themed mimosa bar

Think thematically

If you’ve gone with the aforementioned watermelon and pineapple juice for a summertime soiree, your event lends itself perfectly to being a themed affair. Transport your guests to a backyard oasis and have the bride or birthday bruncher don a flower crown or lei and plop her in a peacock chair, a definite way to make anyone feel special on a big day.

Bubbly bar

Location, location, location

Don’t forget that the location of your mimosa bar is also very important. Station your bar in an area where you’d like the flow of traffic to end up, but with enough room for a line to form and pool near a seating area.

If you’ve made a tailgating mimosa bar (This is where the peach juice comes in — go Dawgs!), you’ll want it to have room away from your food tables so that guests can pop in for a mimosa and pop out without breaking a sweat in the line for Vidalia onion dip.

The finishing touch

Round out your party’s theme with garnishes. Springtime strawberries add a classically sweet element to a bridal shower mimosa, cucumbers keep everyone cool in the summer, and a cinnamon stick is ideal for an apple cider mimosa in the fall.

We love adding themed straws, umbrellas or flags to our mimosas, too. Add a “drink me” tag for a Mad Hatter-themed party, because we’re all mad here. Display the accoutrements in containers near the end of your bar and let your guests run wild. We love to match any streamers, confetti or balloons to these final touches for a consistent theme throughout.

Serve finger foods like tea sandwiches if you’re vying for a most Southern belle award, and never forget to thank your guests for coming. When in doubt, be gracious, y’all!