Serve these five cocktails for kids at your next party

Rachel Taylor

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the words “kiddie cocktail” is the classic Shirley Temple. When I was a child, sipping on the red bubbly mocktail made me feel like one of the grownups at the dinner table. Kiddie cocktails put a fun twist on non-boozy drinks, and they’re easy to make. By adding these drinks to your menu, you will not only make the kids happy, but you’ll also give non-imbibing guests a tasty drink to sip on.

Here are five kiddie cocktails to serve to the little guests at your party. 

Holiday Shirley

Add a festive twist, and even more color, to a classic Shirley Temple by adding orange juice. This mocktail from Mom Junction serves one person but can be made in large quantities to save some time. Leave the grenadine out of the larger punch bowl and only add it after the drink has been poured into a glass. Don’t forget to garnish with a cherry.

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Mock Pink Champagne

When you pop the bubbly this holiday season, there’s no reason to leave the children out of the sparkling fun. This non-alcoholic version of pink champagne combines cran-apple juice, white grape juice and ginger ale to create a pretty pink drink the kids will love. To add a touch of sophistication, drop in a frozen strawberry or two to the glass.

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Cranberry Cooler

This mocktail is sweet and sparkling, and most importantly, bright red. The little guests attending your Christmas party will be mesmerized by the bright red color of this festive mocktail from Mom Junction. With four different juices included in the recipe, make sure you’re prepared for the sugar rush that will follow. 

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Berry-Lemon Sparklers

This dark red festive mocktail will be the prettiest drink on your cocktail menu. Unlike other kiddie cocktails on this list, this drink, from Everyday with Rachael Ray, includes a full eight lemons, so it is on the sweet and sour spectrum. It’s therefore a more sophisticated mocktail that will appeal to any preteens and expecting mothers at your holiday party. 

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Mint Choco Mocktail

Chocolate and mint mix in this frozen mocktail. Save this cocktail for an after-dinner surprise that’s both a drink and dessert. If you don’t want to use a blender, let the ice cream soften before combining it with the other ingredients. 

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