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Anne Quatrano's Scalloped Potatoes

Anne Quatrano's Scalloped Potatoes

Serves: 8

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1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
3 onions, thinly sliced
8 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
2 fresh thyme sprigs, leaves stripped
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
10 Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and very thinly sliced, preferably on a mandoline (see note)
1 to 2 cups reduced-sodium chicken broth, heated
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut in small pieces


Heat oven to 350 degrees. Butter a large ovenproof casserole dish.

In a heavy-bottomed skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat. When the oil is shimmering, add the onions and garlic and cook, stirring occasionally, until very soft and wilted. Add the thyme and season with salt and pepper. Remove from the heat.

In the prepared dish, layer the potatoes alternately with onions, adding broth in between the layers. (You may not use all the broth). Season each layer with salt and pepper and dot with butter.

Bake until the potatoes are very tender and golden brown, about 2 hours. Let rest for 10 minutes and serve.


Per serving (based on 10): 216 calories (percent of calories from fat, 25), 5 grams protein, 37 grams carbohydrates, 4 grams fiber, 6 grams fat (3 grams saturated), 12 milligrams cholesterol, 116 milligrams sodium.

About the recipe

Renowned Southern chef Anne Quatrano grew up in New England but spent summers visiting relatives in Georgia. Her favorite childhood dish was her grandmother's potato, onion and country ham casserole. This scalloped potatoes dish offers a twist on that favorite.

A mandoline makes this dish come together quickly, but as always, be careful when using one. To save prep time, slice the potatoes while the onions cook. Be sure to watch the onions while they cook to make sure they soften without browning.