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Christmas brunch

Cook your best-ever Christmas brunch with our make-ahead guide

The stockings have been unstuffed and the Santa presents have been unwrapped with abandon. It's mid-morning on Christmas day and everyone's stomachs are grumbling. Your family is clamoring for brunch, but no one has any desire to slog away in the kitchen after a busy holiday morning. Don't fret — with a little planning, or at least some smart shopping, you don't have to.

How to up your Southern hospitality game

5 ways to take Southern hospitality to the next level

In this week’s The New Southern Hospitality, Editor-in-Chief Ashley Twist Cole gives you a handful of tips she's learned over the years to one-up your Southern hospitality game. These five little things can make a big difference, and inspire you to continue to embody the spirit of Southern hospitality as we enter the busiest and often most-stressful time of year.