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Hoffmaster Woodworks: Husband and wife spread the love of beer and wine

You can’t go wrong when beer and wine are your inspiration — take it from Kristi and Matt Hoffmaster of Hoffmaster Woodworks, whose love for beer, wine and Southern culture culminated in the company's 2013 founding in Charlotte, North Carolina. Together they create and sell beautiful handcrafted folding wine tables, beer caddies, laser-engraved wooden coasters, balancing wine bottle holders and other specialty wood-worked items for your home.


Shuck your next oyster with Carolina Shuckers hand-forged knives

Cracking open an oyster can be intimidating enough without a proper oyster knife. Yet there’s a certain comfort to be had when you’re holding a hand-forged railroad spike that’s been shaped into an oyster knife as ruggedly beautiful as an oyster itself. This is what Mike Waller and Kirk Davis, the partners and makers of Carolina Shuckers oyster knives, have accomplished.