Use these tips to throw a rustic, DIY baby shower

Planning a celebration for the arrival of a new baby doesn’t have to be an exercise in frazzled exhaustion. With this guide to throwing a rustic-yet-chic baby shower, you can remove the burden of worry and put a heavy emphasis on good drinks, elevated comfort food and do-it-yourself projects.

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3 Mother's Day brunch recipes to make this weekend

Instead of attempting to bribe your city's best brunch restaurant for reservations on short notice (and good luck with that), make Mother's Day brunch even more special by making it yourself, with help from Southern Kitchen's recipe tsar Jeffrey Gardner.

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Give these hand-hammered Moscow Mule mugs a home

The more you know about Sertodo Copper, the popular brand of hand-hammered copper home goods made by an international cooperative of master artisans, the more you'll want their products in your own kitchen. Here's the story of how Jonathan Beall's company began, and where it's going.

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How to make a Mother's Day breakfast in bed

Don’t wait until Mother’s Day to start thinking up ways to spoil your Southern matriarch -- use this rundown of delicious thank-yous to give her a morning of extended comfort.

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Our 3 favorite gifts for Mother’s Day

If you’re fortunate enough to have a mom who truly enjoys entertaining others, whether holding court in her kitchen or hosting an informal outdoor wine party, we’ve put together a quick roundup of gifts she’s sure to love on her international day of recognition.

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Textile & Twine: Handmade retro aprons

Find your inspiration and use it to do great things. It’s a common concept most creatives know well, and Danielle Mathis, founder of Textile & Twine, and maker of fashionable aprons and home linens, is no different.

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How to prepare a Cinco de Mayo celebration feast

If you're like us, you know there are few days more fun to celebrate than Cinco de Mayo. So Southern Kitchen recipe tsar Jeffrey "Cheffrey" Gardner curated a few surprisingly simple recipes you'll have no trouble pulling off in time for the fiesta.

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Cooking Southern vegetables with Chadwick Boyd

Southern food is not complete without a bounty of garden vegetables, all cooked up and placed for grand display and enjoyment on our dinner tables. And when it comes to Southern vegetables, Chadwick Boyd knows a thing or two.

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Southern Crust: A pizza party on a classic truck

If you're an entrepreneur and you happen to find a 1953 Chevrolet 3100 Series pickup truck rotting away on a Tennessee farm, there's only one logical thing to do: Restore that beautiful machine, turn it into a mobile catering kitchen called Southern Crust, and start slinging delicious pizza and beer.

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Eat like a champion: 3 recipes for watching The Masters

Good news for those who couldn’t make it to Augusta National this year: You can eat and drink almost as if you were there on the greens, thanks to Southern Kitchen's Chef Jeffrey Gardner, who’s back to recommend a Masters-worthy setup just in time for the tee off.

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Great recipes to cook for the Final Four

At Southern Kitchen we understand that your bracket had a tough time this year (ours too!), and even if your favorite NCAA team didn't make it to the Sweet Sixteen, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the semifinals with some savory snacks.


The best bets for your next potluck

A communal gathering where everyone brings a dish to contribute, potlucks have been around for centuries. From the food and drinks to decor and lawn games, these simple tips will have your next potluck streamlined and stress-free.

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Hosting a Texas-style backyard bonfire party

Hot days give way to warm nights, which means there’s almost no wrong time to throw a classic Texan boots-and-bales backyard bonfire party. But before getting your friends fired up for a special evening outside, make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps below.

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Cookbook author Christy Jordan’s tips for Easter brunch

For millions of Southerners, Easter marks a time to come together to celebrate family and friends. For grown folks, it’s also a festive segue into the comforting warmth and vibrant colors of spring, when we shake off the sands of hibernation and reunite in celebration as we mark the beginning of sunnier days.

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A guide to spring cookouts, fresh from the garden

Backyard shindigs are the best way to kick off the season because they not only bring together friends and family for mouth-watering meals but are also so simple to host. That said, a good cookout should be much more than just cracking open a beer and grilling hot dogs. Here’s how to plan a spring cookout that’s equal parts elegant and down to earth.

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A quick history of Mobile’s moon-pied Mardi Gras

You know all about the beads, parades, masks and mayhem of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. But did you know that the country’s first Mardi Gras celebration was held not in the Crescent City, but 125 miles east, in Mobile, Alabama? It’s true, and there’s more: snack-lovers who get there in time for the parades can seriously rack up on free moon pies.

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Send your party guests home with these 5 Southern-made gifts

You’ve nearly perfected the art of the dinner party, so it might be time to take your hosting skills to the next level. How, you ask? Party favors, of course. We’re not talking trinkets and knickknacks, but rather treats your guests will actually use and enjoy. We’ve even done all the work for you by compiling this list of Southern-made goods to hand out as you bid farewell to your friends and family for the night.

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15 songs for your Nashville party playlist

Nashville runs on music. How else could a city earn the nickname “Music City, U.S.A.?” Whether you live in Tennessee or just wish you did, this playlist is the perfect way to make guests feel like they’re on the streets of Nashvegas. These 15 tracks include both vintage gems and obscure modern cuts, like a tour of the town itself. Make your next gathering as colorful and warm as stroll down Music Row.

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Southern Kitchen’s guide to New Orleans-style bridesmaids' tea

From burying a bourbon bottle to keep the rain at bay to the second line marching band in New Orleans, Southern weddings are ingrained with long-standing traditions. One of our favorites is the New Orleans bridesmaids' tea. Hosted by the bride, the bridesmaids' tea celebrates friendship, family and the hard work bridesmaids put into your special day. Plus, there’s a very special dessert involved: the charm cake. Here are six tips to make your NOLA-style bridesmaids' tea special.

Atlanta playlist

15 songs for your Atlanta party playlist

Although some of Atlanta's most famous audio exports are hip-hop, the city has inspired and played home to to a slew of artists spanning pop, jazz, country, folk and more. There are a few well-known super stars shouting out the city on tape, but artists of all levels of fame have resided in the ATL over the years. Consider these 15 songs with Atlanta ties to soundtrack your next get-together, whether it’s a rollicking house party, a dinner affair or a party of one.

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Kitchen or the porch: Deciding where to host your next get-together

One of the best parts of living in the South is that you can delight in the comforts of your porch for most of the year. The outdoor dais of any good Southern home is an alluring option for outdoor entertaining nine or even ten months out of the year, whether it’s a dry summer scorcher or a crisp early winter evening.

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Southern Kitchen's guide to dinner party guest lists

Every dinner party host hopes for a flawless evening: delicious food, sociable guests, laughter and good drinks all around. But successful soirées don’t just happen by accident. The perfect party takes finesse and each element must be thoughtfully considered. Figuring out who to invite is probably the most important aspect of an event.

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How to throw a proper oyster roast

With their fortified exteriors and alien-like interiors, oysters aren’t exactly the most approachable choice of seafood out there, especially when encountered outside the typical restaurant setting. So it’s no surprise that the concept of organizing and hosting an entire party around oysters can be intimidating.

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6 drinks to serve as your guests arrive

Seasoned hosts know that the key to entertaining without worry is to prepare as much as possible — and to keep guests’ glasses full. Having an arsenal of drinks ready to serve before folks arrive is essential. With something to sip in hand, people can more easily mingle while you polish off the final details of the evening.