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Slow-cooked bacon with kohlrabi slaw and Aunt Julia's BBQ sauce

Cook like a chef: 6 all-time favorite recipes from Atlanta's Linton Hopkins

If you live in or just like to eat across Atlanta, you're likely familiar with chef Linton Hopkins. The award-winner co-owner of several Atlanta-area restaurants that serve everything from elegant, high-end Southern fare to cult-favorite hamburgers, Hopkins also has a passion for cooking at home surrounded by family. Today, he's sharing six of his all-time favorite recipes from his restaurants.

Chicken pot pie

Make it fast or make it slow: Chicken pot pie

For those of us who love to cook, there's nothing better than spending an entire Sunday afternoon in the kitchen, simmering sauces and baking cakes. But the reality is that those days of long-recipe luxury are few and far between. In this new series, we'll bring you two versions of the same dish: one that's quick and easy and one that's well, not so quick. Both are worthy of an addition to your repertoire, whether you're feeling ambitious or just hungry.

Nama's apple cake with caramel sauce

Saving Southern Recipes: Resurrecting "Nama's Apple Cake"

More than any other American cuisine, Southern food is rooted in memory and heritage. There is a culture of the passing down of recipes from generation to generation, and with each iteration tweaks are made and dishes evolve — but not too much. In our new series Saving Southern Recipes, associate editor Kate Williams explores the deep heritage of Southern cooking through the lens of passed-down, old family recipes.