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What wines should you pair with your favorite Halloween candy?

Pairing Southern staples: What wines pair with Halloween candy?

With another Halloween on the horizon, you may anticipate (based on experience) that your young trick-or-treaters will bring home enough candy to feed a small army. Candy comes in many different styles and flavor profiles, and we’ll highlight a few of the more common varieties to pair with some of our favorite wines. Halloween is fun for adults, too! 

Blackhawk and Chinook cats from Service Brewing in Savannah

Check out these adorable Southern felines from Brad Thomas Parsons' new book, "Distillery Cats"

Cats have been on the clock for millennia as exterminators as well as companions to their humans, and history tells us the first businesses to hire feline employees were distilleries and breweries. Get to know several such cats, working shifts at Southern breweries and distilleries, in a new book by drinks-writer Brad Thomas Parsons called "Distillery Cats."