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No more complicated cocktails! Here are our 6 favorite cocktails with four ingredients or less

I don't know about you, but I barely bat an eye when I'm sitting at a bar and order a cocktail full of unrecognizable spirits. I watch the bartender measure and shake countless elixirs together to make a magical concoction that I swear I'll try to re-create at home. But then, I get home and reality hits — there's no way I want to buy, much less measure out eight or 10 different ingredients to make a drink. The good news is that you can make excellent cocktails at home without shelling out for a bar cart's worth of liquor. 

Bottle of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s holiday cans have a hidden message

The iconic Coca-Cola polar bears make another adorable appearance on the new holiday cans this winter season. However, there is more to the polar bear design than meets the eye. Other brands, like Hershey’s, are known to incorporate hidden symbols in their logos and it seems like Coca-Cola is following the trend with a play on its classic polar bear design. 

Holiday wine

Pairing Southern staples: All your holiday wine questions, answered

'Tis the season for celebrating with friends and family, indulging in decadent food, and breaking out those special bottles of wine that may stay on the rack throughout the year. During the month of December, joyous gatherings lend themselves to serving wines that are bona fide crowd pleasers. Because people are already in the mood to make merry, don’t sweat too much over what wine to serve to your guests; just make sure to serve what you enjoy drinking.