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Old Fourth Distillery: Cane sugar spirits from Atlanta

Founded when a group of five guys -- childhood friends and business partners (two of whom are brothers,) -- stepped out of their comfortable jobs in technology and real estate to open Atlanta's first distillery since the early 1900s, Old Fourth Distillery has made a name for itself in the Southern spirits market. But what makes Old Fourth Distillery different?


Three South-inspired ways to make sangria this spring

Although it has gained popularity in the United States, many craft-cocktail-minded bartenders steer clear of sangria. Don't fret -- a few Southern bar talents are working to elevate the drink and have shared a few sip-worthy recipes you can make tonight.

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The bold cocktail culture of Texas

A renewed interest in cocktails in Texas, combined with the state’s well-known love for bold flavors, has led to a new generation of daring, Lone-Star-State-made spirits that rank among the nation’s best.

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Absinthe: Now made in the South

It’s fair to say that few people automatically associate absinthe and its culture with the American South. A handful of Southern distilleries are out to change that.

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5 Southern IPAs to enjoy on National Beer Day

April 7 is National Beer Day, and Imperial Pale Ales are always popular when the weather warms up, so we got beer authority Dennis Malcolm Byron, p.k.a. "Ale Sharpton" to recommend five IPAs from the South you should be sipping this spring.

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18.21 Bitters: How difficulty inspired Atlanta’s booming cocktail mixer company

The name of the cocktail mixer company came from the two constitutional amendments — the 18th and 21st — that enacted, then later repealed, America's federal Prohibition on alcohol. But this era of U.S. history is just part of the story of how 18.21 Bitters came to exist.

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Southern brandy on the rise

Thanks to the recent craft spirits boom and the return of cocktail culture, fruit brandies have seen a boost in production from distilleries around the country, and in particular, the South.

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ASW Distillery and Atlanta whiskey's coming-of-age

Justin Manglitz may have two giant copper stills made by Vendome Copper & Brass Works in Louisville, Kentucky, to work with at Atlanta-based ASW Distillery, but the “Head Distiller & Lead Fiddler” did not learn to make whiskey by simply pushing buttons on big, shiny machines.

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Our favorite Southern stouts

With the famously thirsty day of Irish celebration rapidly approaching, the mind naturally turns to beer. Whether you’re the type to reach for a green-stained Budweiser or recoil at the thought, this is the perfect opportunity to honor a more authentically Irish way of drinking — St. Patrick’s Day is the time to embrace the stout.

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Great vodkas from the South

Southern spirits were once dominated by brown stuff from Tennessee and Kentucky, but the region is now also home to a brood of small, craft distillers who have successfully navigated the red tape of their respective states, and counties, to set up shop.

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How to use the South’s favorite sweeteners in cocktails

Southern pantries are known for being well-stocked with plenty of sweeteners, and from sticky brown sugars to burnished sorghum syrup, they all want to take an active role in your favorite cocktail (they like whiskey too).

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Drink 300 years of rum in this New Orleans bar

The three-story structure which houses Cane & Table can tell at least as many literal stories from its own past lives.

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The first whiskey distillery in Alabama since prohibition

In 2014, one year shy of the 100th anniversary of Alabama’s longest statewide prohibition of alcohol, John Emerald Distilling Company opened its doors. As the first whiskey distillery in the state since 1915, John Emerald makes everything from vodka and gin to spiced rum and muscadine brandy, but it is best known for its singular spin on single-malt whiskey.

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The essential guide to stocking spirits for a Southern bar

Southerners know a new home necessitates a well-stocked bar — stat. We love to drink and we love to host. Luckily, it’s easy to imbibe while supporting local Southern businesses. We pulled together a list of our favorite spirits to help you get started. From Kentucky bourbon to New Orleans rum, your newly-stocked bar will give a new meaning to spirit of the South

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An easy-to-make molasses cocktail

That jar of rich, dark syrup sitting in the back of your cabinet is just begging to be used. While gingerbread cookies and baked beans are two great ways to let your molasses see the light of day, it can also add a unique, smoky undertone to a stiff drink.

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​Why Texas Hill Country wineries should be on your Southern travel bucket list

Just outside of San Antonio, winemakers in the Texas Hill Country have been quietly building up an abundance of exquisite wines right here in the South. With nearly 40 wineries, the Texas Hill Country Viticultural area is the perfect location for your next wine vacation. Here are some of the wineries to visit and what to order.

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How the South became synonymous with sweet tea

Ahhh, sweet tea. Refreshing, sweet and nearly everywhere in the South, it’s easy to take this ubiquitous drink for granted if you’ve grown up with it on your table for every meal. But if you’ve never thought about why sweet tea has such a presence in the South, it’s time to pour out some history on this tannic yet saccharine elixir.

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A complete guide to cocktail ice

Whether it’s cracked with a bar spoon or frozen in silicone, multiple forms of ice should be in every home bar aficionado's arsenal. We’ve compiled the types of ice you’ll need to make craft bar-quality cocktails in your kitchen. The only question left is, what are you drinking?

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The golden age of Southern tonic syrups

We’re living in a spirited age for gin and tonics. Craft distilleries such as Northern California’s St. George Spirits, Alabama’s John Emerald Distilling Company and Wisconsin’s Death’s Door Spirits are producing exceptional gins — the kind almost exclusively made in the British Isles only a couple decades ago. But gin is only half the equation; there are also several great small-batch tonic syrups on the market and many of them are made right here in the South.