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Send your party guests home with these 5 Southern-made gifts

Send your holiday party guests home with these 5 Southern-made gifts

You’ve nearly perfected the art of the Christmas dinner party, so it might be time to take your hosting skills to the next level. How, you ask? Handmade Southern gifts, of course.

We’re not talking trinkets and knickknacks, but rather treats your guests will actually use and enjoy. We’ve even done all the work for you by compiling this list of Southern-made goods to hand out as you bid farewell to your friends and family for the night.

Oh Nuts! Chocolate bar from XOCOLATL ($9.50)
Husband and wife team Matt Weyandt and Elaine Read helm this Atlanta-based chocolate company, inspired by their time spent in Costa Rica. XOCOLATL, named for the original word for “chocolate” from both Mayan and Aztec influence, offers a slew of flavors like Tanzanian dark chocolate, mint chocolate chip and apple pie. All stylings are single-origin,which means the chocolate is made using cacao beans from one distinct location or “single origin” — a nod to the cacao growers Weyandt and Read met in Costa Rica. Oh Nuts! is what they call “the adult PB&J.” Sea salt marries fruit jam in dark chocolate that make the dessert feel more like a snack.
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Alabama Sunshine Original Hot Sauce ($3)
This Louisiana-style, Alabama-made hot sauce has a vinegar base and sweet finish. Visible seeds give it a fresh texture and homemade feel. It’s perfect for dashing in the next day’s breakfast, but the sauce didn’t earn the tagline “flavor to burn” for dramatic flair, so take caution if you’re not a huge fan of spicy sauces. The company doesn’t advertise; instead, word spread around West Alabama and the Gulf Coast when founder Fred Smith personally delivered the spicy elixir to restaurants around the South for patrons to try.
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Tito’s Vodka 50mL bottles, plus a little something extra (price varies)

Equip your guests with the essentials for their next flight. Austin, Texas’s Tito’s knows vodka tastes best when sipped from miles above via this airplane-friendly bottle. Plus, when paired with a carry-on Bloody Mary or Moscow Mule kit, you can set up guests with all the necessary supplies for airborne craft cocktails.
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Blackjack Wax Co. Soy Candle in No. 11 Front Porch ($19)
Courtney and Patrick Trawick hand-pour 100 percent soy wax candles in Meridian, Mississippi. Courtney, a candlemaker since childhood, taught the trade to Patrick and from there the couple started making small batches of 10 or fewer. This No. 11 scent combines honeysuckle and jasmine and the amber glass ensconcing each candle is minimalist enough to fit in with most decors.
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KMM & CO. Vegetable Tanned Key Clip ($15)
Give your loved ones a stylish way to keep their keys together with a hand-sewn key clip from Atlanta-based KMM & CO. Founder Kyle Martin found inspiration from classic design while working at a Ralph Lauren store as a college student. He took that inspiration and combined it with an appreciation for vintage USPS mailbags’ utility to create his own style. This key clip’s subtle, neutral tone will complement any keychain bundle.
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