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Our favorite 10 gifts to celebrate all of the mothers in your life

Mother's Day is right around the corner, but don't fret — you still have plenty of time to find the perfect gift to give to all of the mothers in your life.

At Southern Kitchen, we know that mothers come into our lives in all kinds of ways, whether by blood or by choice, and that they may covet any type of gift, from a brand new skillet to a new way to show off their favorite bottle of wine. Whoever your mothers are, you are sure to find the perfect gift right here in the Shoppe.
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Bolio Designs Pour Over Coffee Kit

Bolio Designs Pour Over Coffee Kit ($69.99)

Every mother deserves a great cup of coffee, and with our new pour over coffee set from the brilliant minds at Bolio Designs, she can enjoy a hot, perfect cup every morning. The set's insulated glass carafe will keep the coffee warm for at least an hour after brewing. And it'll take a fraction of the time to make — the elegant metal filter basket speeds up brewing time by eliminating the glass filter cone. Sounds like the recipe for a perfect morning.
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Mason Cash Teapot and Infuser

Mason Cash Teapot and Infuser ($25)

If your mother is more of a tea drinker (mine certainly is), our new teapots from Mason Cash will make a perfect gift. Available in a range of colors, each pot comes with its own infuser basket, so that it is easy to make perfectly steeped loose leaf tea every time. 
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Photo: Ranji McMillan

Creative Co-Op Hand-Painted Stoneware Bowls

Creative Co-Op Hand-Painted Stoneware Bowls ($19.99 for 4)

Hello, perfect prep bowls. All right, maybe these are a little too cute to use just for chopped onions and carrots, but we're certainly using these hand-painted bowls from Creative Co-Op in every which way in our kitchen and dining room. If your mother loves colorful, bold designs and has a penchant for tidy organization, this four-piece bowl set will make the perfect gift.
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Or perhaps you're looking for a larger bowl that displays a fruit-filled centerpiece or serves a salad in style? This two-toned hand-crafted serving bowl from Alabama-based potter Lana Hobbs is unlike anything else your mom has on her shelves.
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Photo: Ramona King

Hoffmaster Woodworks Balancing Cherry Wine Bottle Holder

Hoffmaster Woodworks Balancing Cherry Wine Bottle Holder ($23)

This elegant, hand-crafted wine bottle holder from Hoffmaster Woodworks is perfect for any wine-loving mom. It seems to defy gravity as it displays your favorite bottle of wine. Each surprisingly stable bottle holder is carefully sawed out of large, rough-cut lumber and then meticulously shaped, sanded and stained for a beautiful, smooth finish. And even most nearly-empty but tightly-sealed bottles maintain balance, so go ahead and begin enjoying that bottle of wine.
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If your mother is more of an outdoor wine enthusiast, try out our new beverage bottles from Sovaro. Each insulated bottle is made from plastic and stainless steel, and holds an entire bottle of wine. (Yep, you heard that right.) So your mother can go ahead and bring that favorite bottle of rosé to the pool or outdoor concert, worry-free.
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Photo: Maura Friedman

Mona Does Concrete Cherry Blossom Trivet

Mona Does Concrete Cherry Blossom Trivet ($25)

This hand-poured and hand-painted concrete trivet, decorated with elegant cherry blossom branches, adds more than a new heat-proof serving piece to your mother's kitchen. Each unique trivet can also be hung on the wall as a piece of art. 
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Photo: Ramona King

Mud Pie Slate and Wood Board

Mud Pie Slate and Wood Board ($30)

If your mom is anything like mine, cheese boards are pretty much mandatory at any gathering, large or small. The new Mud Pie slate and wood board is a perfect addition to any cheese lover's collection; its dual material construction means it'll fit in with home decor styles ranging from industrial to rustic-chic, and the included metal spreader means it's ready for that log of goat cheese, straight out of the box.
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Photo: Ramona King

Staub Cast Iron 3-Quart Tomato Cocotte

Staub Cast Iron 3-Quart Tomato Cocotte ($179.99)

Both practical and just gosh-darn adorable, this tomato-shaped cocotte from Staub has captured our hearts, and we're sure it will capture your mother's, too. Just like all of Staub's cast iron cookware, this 3-quart pot is crafted with care and can be used to cook just about anything. Plus, it celebrates one of the South's most prized ingredients and looks great doing it.
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Photo: Ramona King

Celina Mancurti Short Linen Kitchen Apron

Celina Mancurti Short Linen Kitchen Apron ($46)

No home cook should be without an apron in the kitchen, and your mother is no exception. We're currently loving this understated but beautiful linen apron from Florida-based textile designer Celina Mancurti. With its generous front pocket and long (read: practical) ties, this apron will stand the test of any kitchen project.
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Photo: Celina Mancurti

Nest Homeware 9-Inch Cast iron Skillet

Nest Homeware 9-Inch Cast iron Skillet ($155)

From skillet pizzas to brunchtime potatoes, we use our picture-perfect Nest cast iron for just about anything, and we think your mom will love it too. Clocking in under 4 1/2 pounds, this skillet boasts all the heat retention and searing ability of cast iron, with less heft and bulk. Even better? Its long handle, inspired by cherry tree branches, helps to distribute the weight of the skillet more evenly than other cast iron skillets, stays cool longer and (best yet) is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease. 
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Photo: Ramona King

Hudson & Lee Cocktail Gift Set

Hudson & Lee Cocktail Gift Set ($39.99)

I know very few mothers who would turn down a good cocktail, and it'll be easy for your mom to mix up her favorites with this lovely gift set from Charleston's Hudson & Lee. Each set includes a bottle of honey simple syrup (try it in a boozy Arnold Palmer), a 32-ounce Mason jar cocktail shaker, a bar towel (printed with a cocktail recipe, of course) and two double-sided recipe cards. Time to get shaking!
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