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Our 3 favorite gifts for Mother’s Day

Our 3 favorite gifts for Mother’s Day

It shouldn’t be difficult to shop for Mom on Mother’s Day, but as anybody with a mom knows, searching for the perfect gift can be nerve-racking. When it comes to selecting worthy items, you’re not only looking for presents that represent your appreciation for all she’s done but you also have to meet another critical gifting standard: making sure it’s something she actually wants or would use and something she might not purchase for herself but would be thrilled to get. We understand; our moms are special, if not difficult to please, too.

If you’re fortunate enough to have one of those mothers who truly enjoys entertaining others, whether holding court in her kitchen or hosting an informal outside wine get-together, we’ve put together a quick roundup of gifts she’s sure to love on her international day of recognition and beyond. All three items below were vetted by the Southern Kitchen staff to make sure they’ll make Mom happy and keep you in her good graces – you might even get a hug and a great-big second helping of your favorite dish for proving to be worth all those years of proper rearing.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!

FINEX Cast-Iron Cookware

M Day Finex Salmon Plate

The smooth-polished surface of FINEX cast-iron skillets lets you consistently deliver non-stick cooking every time, which means you can count on eggs coming out as perfectly as steaks and seafood. It's also a superior tool for searing, baking, and with addition of a lid it handles steaming, braising and simmering, whether it's working atop a stove top or grill over coal-fired flames. Add in the octagonal design and spring-coiled handle, and you not only have a great gift with actual utility but also modern classic style.

Textile & Twine

Textile Twine Hero

This Atlanta-based brand of fancy retro aprons and home linens are inspired by vintage fashion. Creator Danielle Mathis, who we recently profiled, told us she believes the aprons remind customers of their good-old-days roots, and many people mistake them for dresses. “An apron reminds you of your mother or your grandmother, of family dinners, of days gone by,” she said. “Aprons just have a way of making people think of being home.”

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Hoffmaster Woodworks

M Day Gift Guide Hoffmaster Woodworks 2

Between raising five kids and finding time to enjoy hobbies ranging from flying planes to skydiving out of them, Charlotte-based husband and wife duo Matthew and Kristi Hoffmaster create amazing items for use whether Mom likes to have guests inside or out. If she’s partial to patios, purchase the rustic pine folding wine table, which holds two glasses and a bottle of her favorite vino, and features an aircraft-grade aluminum spike that supports the table’s weight when pressed into the ground. Also consider Hoffmaster’s wine glass hanger and bottle display, which she can use wherever she wants, and can be made with her choice of cherry, oak, zebrawood, or poplar. They also can customize your order with Mom’s initials, a stain in one of her favorite colors and other specific designs.

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