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Brisket chili

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Brisket chili


12 tips and tricks to a better, actually super Super Bowl party

While we're all disappointed that our Southern teams aren't getting to play in this year's Super Bowl, we know we'll still be watching. And whether you're hosting your friends for a big game day fete or simply heading over to your neighbor's man cave, we've got the tips and tricks for making your Super Bowl Sunday the best ever.

Super Bowl = The first big food holiday of the year
If you're anything like this writer, you go to Super Bowl parties for one reason, and one reason only: food. What with guacamole and chip 'n dips galore, plus big bowls of chili and platters of wings, there's plenty of food to entertain those of us who don't know a fourth down from a ... conversion?
Check out our best dip recipes.
Or whip up one of our favorite easy game day apps.
Looking for something more substantial? Here are two chili recipes to try.

On drink duty?
Second only to the food itself are Super Bowl drinks. Beer is, of course, a necessity, but there are other ways to branch out when it comes to game day drinks. Whether you've got wine drinkers, margarita lovers or friends who would never stray from their beloved six-pack, we've got you covered.
Can you even pair wine with game day food? Yep — here's how.
Go local with your beer choices by shopping for our favorite 12 Southern breweries
Margaritas, palomas and sweet tea juleps all make great Super Bowl drinks.

Here's how to host
If you're the one with the big T.V., you don't have to fret (too much) about hosting all of your friends for the big game. We've got all the info for helping you make your Super Bowl party an event to remember ... without pulling out all your hair.
Enlist your favorite fried chicken chain for help
Turn on this playlist
And if you want to go all out, here's how to do it

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