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Gift Guide: Southern Kitchen team favorites

Gift Guide: The Southern Kitchen team's favorite products in the Shop

The Shop at Southern Kitchen isn't just for our readers — we shop here too! Here are the favorite items from six members of the Southern Kitchen team. Our top picks will make perfect gifts for anyone on your holiday shopping list.
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staub pie dish

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Staub Ceramics 9-inch Pie Dish
I am the official holiday pie baker in my family (classic pecan, natch) and Staub’s ceramic pie dishes have really upped my presentation game. I’m a fan of the pure white dish — it really helps the pie filling stand out.

Smithey No. 10 Skillet
I tell my friends and family that there’s really no other piece of cooking equipment you need once you’ve got a perfectly seasoned cast iron skillet on hand. With its smooth, easy-to-season surface, I use my Smithey No. 10 for cooking everything from cornbread to veggie-filled pasta.

Demeyere 3.5-quart Saucier
Okay, I lied. The other piece of cooking equipment everyone needs in their kitchen is a deep, stainless steel saucepan. Demeyere’s 3.5-quart saucier is big enough to cook a pound of pasta (really!) and its sloped sides make it a breeze to get to every last bit of sauce inside.

Stoneware & Co 11-inch Serving Bowl
Another clutch piece of serveware is this big, deep bowl from Stoneware & Co. Like my favorite pie dish, this bowl is mostly white, with beautiful and simple clean lines that really let the food inside shine. I fill mine with everything from Caesar salad to a big batch of pork carnitas.

Crafthouse Mixing Set
I don’t like to experiment much with my cocktails; I’ll mix up a Manhattan or Old Fashioned before I’ll ever try smoking an ice cube or infusing local pine needles into my gin. That’s why I love using the elegant Crafthouse Mixing Set — it has all I need to stir up a classic drink.

Demeyere 2-quart Stainless Steel Saucepan

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Cangshan TS Series 3-Piece Knife Block Set
I love how well the Cangshan knives hold their edge through numerous uses. Plus, this knife block is amazing: It secures the blades while keeping them exposed to air, instead of buried in a more traditional, bacteria-harboring knife block.

Finex 10-inch Cast Iron Skillet
This was my first introduction to non-heirloom cast iron, and I absolutely love it. The pan maintains its seasoning nicely and the wide handle makes it much easier to remove from the oven.

Staub Enameled Grill Pan
Since I don't have an outdoor grill, I love the char that I was able to achieve on my steaks with this enameled grill pan. The raised ridges on this pan (as opposed to the sunken depressions on many other models) create beautiful grill marks and make the pan quite easy to clean.

Demeyere 2-quart Stainless Steel Saucepan
I really love the heavy bottoms of Demeyere stainless steel; I can reduce a sauce and not have to worry about scorching anything. They’re also incredibly versatile and easy to clean after each use.

Stoneware pitcher and cups

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Stoneware & Co. Pitcher Set
Stoneware is such a great material for serving drinks, especially in the South. I chill the pitcher and glasses, and they keep my drinks nice and cool, weather I’m pouring a big pitcher of sweet tea or batch of a summer sangria.

Aura Glass 2-pack with Coasters
These glasses are fidget spinners for wine drinkers. Why should kids have all the fun?

Smithey No. 10 Cast Iron Skillet
Ever since upgrading from my Lodge to a Smithey, cooking with cast iron has taken on new life for me. I used to default to stainless steel pans, but now I reach for my Smithey.

Miyabi Artisan 8-inch Chef's Knife 
Notice a theme? I really dig kitchen tools that not only perform really well, but also look great. This chef’s knife from Miyabi checks all the boxes.

Smithey No 12

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Smithey No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet
This is hands down my favorite cast iron skillet. Its deep walls and smooth cooking surface allow me to pull this out for just about any recipe.

Boothill Blades 12x18-inch Cutting Board
Everyone needs a good cutting board and I really dig the size and thickness of this one. It is very stable — plus, it looks cool.

Crafthouse by Fortessa Shaker Set
I love a vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred.

Staub 5.75-quart Coq au Vin
I love the heat retention that cast iron offers, plus Staub’s enamel coating allows for highly acidic food to be simmered in this pot for hours… and green is my favorite color.

Cangshan TC Series 3-piece Starter Knife Set
As a former chef, I can tell you that these three knives will handle almost all of the tasks that you’ll need in the kitchen, not to mention they look and feel great.

Blanc Creatives 13-inch Carbon Steel Roaster
Since carbon steel offers comparable performance to cast iron, this large roaster is perfect for searing and roasting any chunk of beast.

Blanc Saute Pan

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Blanc Creatives 11-inch Carbon Steel Sauté Pan
This is basically art in pan form. It sits out on my stovetop when I’m not cooking, but when I am cooking, I’m getting great sautés and sears. It’s lightweight and beautiful and I’m slightly obsessed.

Crafthouse by Fortessa Glass Smoke Box with Smoke Gun
This smokebox seems intimidating, but it’s actually very easy to add smoke to some of your favorite cocktails. I love making a smoked negroni … and experimenting with other concoctions. Plus this device looks really cool sitting on our bar.

Zwilling Pro 8-inch Bread Knife
This was a huge upgrade from a very old bread knife I used to use. It feels good in my hand, slices bread easily (no more mangled grilled cheeses!) and was a great addition to my kitchen.

Demeyere 12-inch Fry Pan with Helper Handle
Literally the only stainless steel pan I need. I can cook all my sauces and stews, big or small — this 12-inch has me covered.

Boothill Blades Cheese Board Set
Everyone needs a cheese board set. I like to put out a cheese board while I’m cooking dinner for my husband or for a couple of guests. It’s just the right size for a few pieces of cheese, some crackers and a little jam or honey. The spreader and dipper make serving easy, and they are also really charming.

UncommonGreen 18th & 21st Amendment Rocks Glass Set
These are the perfect gift for any cocktail fan. In fact, I’m giving these to my brother for Christmas. (Don’t tell!) I love any excuse for celebration and these glasses are just plain fun. The 18th and 21st amendment are the two most important laws involving alcohol in the U.S., and that’s worth raising your glass and making a toast.

Cangshan s1 series

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Cangshan S1 Series German Steel Forged Chef and Santoku Knife Set
I’m in need of better, newer, sharper versions these two knives. (My dad bought me a Top Chef knife block a few years ago that included them; bless his heart.) The handle design is also kind of calming, which is always a good thing when I’m holding a large knife.

UncommonGreen 2-piece Tuscaloosa Pint Glasses
I’m from Huntsville, Alabama, which doesn’t really have a dog in the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn. But my mom got her Ph.D at Alabama, so I’ve been there more times and had more beer and barbecue there than Auburn. Slight bias.

Staub 10-inch Fry Pan
The glossy forest green color is just appealing to my personal taste. Maybe because I was born in autumn? Also, it lets me trick myself into thinking my delicious fried food is healthier.

Crafthouse By Fortessa Shaker Set
You feel better about your homemade cocktails when you use proper tools. Having this nice, shiny stainless steel set makes me want to try out classic cocktail recipes, plus I can’t speak highly enough about a jigger with measurement marks and a pour spout. And let’s just say I’m guilty of making my old, much-cheaper shaker set work harder than it should have over the years.

MasonTops Fermentation Starter Kit
People who pickle swear it’s easy, but having a dedicated set for those of us who haven’t put anything up in years is very reassuring. The convenience and eliminated risk of mold make this a worthy purchase for me and my pickle-eating habits.

Zwilling Sorrento 2-Piece Double-Wall Tea Glass Set
Steeping tea is one of those things that we’ve been cheated out of seeing with the popularity of opaque mugs. I seriously can’t wait to snip a small vine of mint leaves from my herb garden and try this out, and it seems like a gift that a few of my family members might actually use!