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Gift Guide: Gifts under $100

A little extra budget can go a long way towards snagging the perfect gift for that extra-special someone in your life. Before you head out to handle holiday shopping, take a look at this hand-picked list of great gifts you can purchase right here at Southern Kitchen's Shoppe, all of which ring up for less than $100.
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BootHill Blades Cherry and Maple Cutting Board

BootHill Blades Cherry and Maple Cutting Board ($80.00)

If someone you know loves boards — we're talking cheese boards, brunch boards, charcuterie boards, and more — then this is the gift for them. BootHill Blades, a husband and wife duo, has crafted a cutting board from edge-grain maple and cherry woods. Each board has been hand-crafted and varies slightly from the others to make it a unique gift. 
Get the BootHill Blades Cutting Board here

Photo: Kate Williams


Staub 10-Inch Basil Frying Pan ($99.99)

Pretty much every Southern person loves fried food. This basil green-enameled, heavy-duty cast iron skillet isn't just a colorful way to prepare your favorite crisp-cooked snack or meal; it's able to withstand high heat (up to 500 degrees), and is safe for all foods and types of heat, thanks to its enameled matte interior.
Get the Staub frying pan here

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Aura Glass 2-pack with Coasters

Aura Glass 2-Pack with Coasters ($59.95)

Is there a vino-lover in your life? This set of wine glasses makes an ideal (and affordable!) gift, as the glasses sit tilted on tables, thanks to a steel ball that allows them to rotate with a flick of the wrist. Both glasses come with a wooden coaster that allows you to sit them up straight, and make them stackable for excellent space-saving storage. Aerating a glass of your favorite wine-lover's favorite vino has never been so easy or fun to watch.
Get the Aura Glass set here

Photo: Ramona King

MasonTops Fermentation Starter Kit

MasonTops Fermentation Starter Kit ($54.95)

Make it easy for that friend of family member who wants to start pickling (or never gets around to it) with this all-in-one pickling set. It comes with the essential parts to make the process as simple as can be: a pickle pipe to airlock your pickling jar; an Acacia wood pickle packer to push your pickles down into your Mason jar, whether it's regular-sized or wide-mouthed; and pickling pebbles that'll keep your veggies below the surface of the brine to make sure there's no exposure to oxygen. It's the perfect present for pickle people.
Get the MasonTops fermentation kit here

Bolio Designs Pour Over Coffee Kit

Bolio Designs Pour Over Coffee Kit ($69.99)

A good cup of coffee can make all the difference in the mornings. If you're looking for an affordable gift for the coffee fanatic in your life, this is the answer. The pour over coffee kit from Bolio Designs is everything you want it to be: functional, elegant and a great gift. The double-wall insulated glass carafe paired with a cork lid help achieve the goal of keeping the coffee warm, but it stays cool to the touch on the outside layer.
Get the Bolio Designs pour over coffee kit here

Photo: Ramona King

Nachtmann Bossa Nova Pitcher Set

Nachtmann Bossa Nova Pitcher Set ($39.99)

Nachtmann's Bossa Nova pitcher set will make any host or hostess happy as clam to recieve this as a gift. The elegant design of this glassware was inspired by the joyful musical and cultural experimentation taking place in Brazil and Europe in the '50s and '60s. This pitcher set includes four 11-ounce tumblers, along with a statement-making 40-ounce pitcher in the same pattern. This breakage-resistant glassware set is an affordable gift idea that won't break the bank. 
Get the Nachtmann Bossa Nova pitcher set here

Photo: Ramona King

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