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Blanc Creatives 13-inch Carbon Steel Roaster

Gift Guide: Gifts Made in the South

Blanc Creatives 13-inch Carbon Steel Roaster ($310)

The story of the team behind Blanc Creatives (based in Charlottesville, Va.) is enough to make you want to support the company's craftwork, but it's the product that'll make that special Chef Someone realize how much love goes into Southern food and the tools used in making it.

Get the Blanc Creatives roaster here

Hoffmaster Woodworks Balancing Walnut Wine Bottle Holder

Hoffmaster Woodworks Balancing Walnut Wine Bottle Holder ($23)

At first your gift-receiver will stare at the fact that her or his wine bottle is somehow defying gravity, and then might wonder if the wine inside is already playing tricks on them. But once the science makes sense, all the stares will go to this semi-circled slice of walnut wood that balances and bookends wine bottles almost like a phrase to remember, tucked inside parentheses (such as: "Drink wine").

Get the Hoffmaster balancing wine holder here

James Handmade Goods Model #1 Duet Coffee Pour Over Stand

James Handmade Goods Model #1 Duet Coffee Pour Over Stand ($185)

Milled and handpainted in Springdale, Arkansas, this set is perfect for any couple you know that's way too unique to settle for a Mr. Coffee and patient enough to know that good brew comes to those who wait.

Get the coffee pour over set here

Boothill Blades Pour Plank

Boothill Blades Pour Plank ($50)

If you know someone who thinks they know Southern spirits well enough to lead a class in their home, this Tennessee-made, four-hole plank comes with a chalkboard for tasting notes, or notes of whatever flavors they think are appropriate after at least one pour of Tennessee whiskey or Kentucky bourbon.

Get the Boothill Blades pour plank here

Stoneware & Co. 12-inch Tray

Stoneware & Co. 12-inch Tray ($75)

Let them go straight from the oven to the table in style with this versatile walled serving tray. Established in 1815, this pottery company, based in Louisville, Kentucky, has a storied history that makes for great Southern dinner conversation and perhaps even greater presentation of your favorite family chef's favorite dish to share with you and others this holiday season.

Get the Stoneware & Co. tray here

Stay Southern this holiday season

Gift Guide: Gifts Made in the South

Nobody makes 'em like we do in the South. That goes for everything from food to people, and it's particularly true when it comes to handcrafted items that not only have the style but also get the job done. Here are eight made-in-the-South gifts from our Shoppe perfect for anybody who remains loyal to the soil. Click through the arrows above to see all of our gift picks.

El Guapo Essential Bitters pack

El Guapo Essential Bitters Pack ($59.99)

If someone you know loves New Orleans but can't get away for a taste of Creole and Cajun flavors as much as they'd like, order this set of four Big-Easy-inspired bitters. A Southern Kitchen exclusive, the set includes Gumbo, Chicory-Pecan, Cucumber-Lavendar and Spiced Cocoa Tea, taking your giftee on a sweet and savory journey through one of America's favorite food and drink destinations.

Get the El Guapo bitters set here

Smithey no. 10 Cast Iron Skillet

Smithey No. 10 Cast Iron Skillet ($160)

What difference does an incredibly smooth surface make in a cast iron skillet? Let's just say that special cook in your life will never go back to their former favorite non-stick cooking vesssel again after they receive this old-school-inspired, 10-inch piece of Southern-American ingenuity, handcrafted personally by Isaac Morton in Charleston, South Carolina.

Get the Smithey no. 10 skillet here

Bean & Bailey Faceted Olive Bowl

Bean & Bailey Faceted Olive Bowl ($22)

With angular sectional facets that add a dimension of style to whatever is being dished out, these simple serving bowls, made by one of our favorite Chattanooga couples, go above and beyond to accentuate your loved one's next dinner party without stealing the show from their amazing food — or whatever it was that you brought to their potluck.

Get the Bean & Bailey olive bowl here

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