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Stoneware pie plate

Gift Guide: Gifts for the baker

Pie plates and cake stands and timers, oh my! If you've got a baker (or three) in your family, we've got your bakeware gifting list covered. Here are our favorite eight presents from the Shoppe at Southern Kitchen, suitable for experienced and novice bakers alike. Click the arrows above to see all of the gift picks.

Finex 10-inch Cast Iron Skillet

Finex 10-inch Cast Iron Skillet ($165)

A cast iron skillet may not be the first thing you think of when you think of gifts for a baker, but hear us out: Smaller sized skillets make both practical and beautiful bakeware, especially when you're talking about the modernist skillets from Finex. American-made by twelve pairs of hands, Finex skillets blend modern design and classic cast iron quality with an ergonomic spring handle. You'll soon find yourself baking everything from cornbread to cake to even Dutch babies in this skillet. 

"My Finex pan maintains its seasoning nicely and the wide handle makes it much easier to remove from the oven." - Chef Jeffrey Gardner, Recipes Editor
Get the skillet here

Stoneware & Co. Thumbprint Pie Plate

Stoneware & Co. Thumbprint Pie Plate ($42)

If your loved ones adore pie, there is no better gift than this elegant pie plate from Stoneware & Co. Not only does its white and biege design flatter any pie baked inside, its heavy stoneware design will lend pie crusts an even brown color and perfectly cooked filling. Even better? Each piece of pottery from Stoneware & Co is made by hand in Louisville, Kentucky, so you know you'll be giving a gift that will last.
Get the pie plate here

pumpkin cheesecake

Zassenhaus Retro Kitchen Scale in Red ($49.95)

Speaking of must-buys for any serious baker, a kitchen scale is necessary if you want to bake desserts like this pumpkin cheesecake with any kind of consistency. Measuring in both ounces and grams, this slick kitchen scale from, again, Zassenhaus, will give all the bakers in your family precision and style. You can even measure in both analog and digital with this baby — what's not to love?
Get the scale here


Zwilling Pro 4-inch Paring Knife

More than any other knife, a paring knife is a baker's best friend. It is useful for everything from slicing apples for pie to getting every last vanilla bean out of the pod for ice cream. Our pick for the best paring knife for baking is the 4-inch knife from Zwilling. Designed in Italy and made in Germany, this knife's unique blade shape and ergonomically curved bolster supports the professional pinch grip with your thumb and index finger on the blade, assisting in safe cutting and less fatigue. You know, for when you're making five pies for Thanksgiving.
Get the knife here

Macerated stone fruit with sabayon

Demeyere 5-Plus Stainless Steel 3.5-quart Saucier ($99.99)

The one tool you need to make impeccable dessert sauces, every time, is a reliable saucepan. From the bourbon sabayon you see above to sweet-savory caramel sauce, the rounded corners of Demeyere's saucier make it easy to cook any sugar-filled sauce with ease. Why rounded corners, you ask? Often, sugary sauces can get stuck into the angled edges of a traditional saucepan, leading to a scorched mess. In this pot, on the other hand, you can get your whisk into the corners, no problem, to avoid all saucy catastrophies. 

Of course, the multi-ply construction of each of Demeyere's pieces of stainless steel cookware helps too — each pan eats quickly, distributes heat evenly and retains that heat, even over low burner temperatures. Perfect for chocolate sauce!
Get the pot here

chocolate pie

Zassenhaus Retro Kitchen Timer in Kiwi ($16.95)

In order to pull off pies this perfect, you'll need to be able to keep track of the baking time. And why not do it with a bit of flair? Our line of retro timers from Zassenhaus make excellent small gifts and stocking stuffers for all the pie bakers in your life.

Our favorite color? Kiwi. This 60-minute steel timer is modeled on an American design from the 1940s through the 1950s. Not only do the bright colors bring lively energy to your kitchen or any room, but the handy magnet attached to the back allows you to stick this stylish piece on any metallic surface. If you're going to need a countdown clock, it might as well be easy on the eyes.
Get the timer here

Crow Canyon Home Enamel Cake Platter in Blue Splatter

Crow Canyon Home Enamel Cake Stand in Blue Splatter ($31.99)

Show off all of your baking creations in colorful, fun style with this blue-spattered cake stand from Crow Canyon Home. Made from enameled steel, it is both sturdy, lightweight and beautiful.

Crow Canyon Home is America’s premier wholesale supplier of high-quality, classic tableware. The company, founded in 1977, offers the largest selection of enamelware items, colors and patterns in the U.S. Each piece boasts timeless good looks and enduring quality, a true classic for the collector and homemaker alike. The versatility of enamelware goes a long way. It is a worry-free alternative to glass, as well as an environmentally-friendly substitution for plastic and paper plates and cups. Cook with it, bake in it, and serve with it — this is enamelware you can really use.
Get the cake stand here


Bee's Wrap® 3-piece Pack in Honeycomb ($28)

Say goodbye to the endless parade of plastic wrap and plastic baggies. Bee's Wrap® keeps everything in our kitchen covered and sealed without all the waste. It also doesn't hurt that it is far, far cuter than Saran Wrap.

Bee's Wrap® is the sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage, making it a great stocking stuffer for any level baker. It can be used to cover anything in the kitchen, just like plastic: cookies, bread, slices of cake and more. Simply use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap and create a seal. When cool, the wrap will hold its shape.

This assorted set of three wraps includes one small (7- by 8-inch) wrap perfect for a cookie, one medium (10- by 11-inch) wrap for a leftover slice of cake, and one large (13- by 14-inch) wrap for larger items, such as bread.
Get Bee's Wrap® here

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