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Beautiful wedding gifts from Southern Kitchen

10 beautiful wedding gift ideas from the Shoppe at Southern Kitchen

Practicality is great and all, but we believe that a wedding is the perfect excuse to give a gift that is just darn beautiful. If it's useful, that's just an added bonus.

I know some wedding guests fear straying from the sacred registry, but let me assure you that the bethrothed couple will love (and use!) anything from our list of the most beautiful wedding gifts from the Shoppe. Personally, some of my favorite wedding gifts are beautiful items that were not on my registry — like the white pitcher that sits on my mantel. Get creative and pick up something special from the Shoppe as you head into wedding season. We have items at all price points to make the happy couple happy. 

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Bean & Bailey Nesting Bowl Set

Bean & Bailey Nesting Bowl Set in Oceanaire ($99.99)

These bowls are just darn pretty. Whether they're set out as home decor or used to serve food, they make a great addition to any home. The bowls come in a variety of colors, but we're partial to the Oceanaire set, which reminds us of the beautiful waters of the Southern coastlines. The best part about these bowls is that they're handmade, so each set is completely unique. They're diswasher- and microwave-safe, too. 
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Mud Pie Slate and Wood Board

Mud Pie Slate and Wood Board ($30)

Something most people wouldn't buy for themselves, a nice serving board is the best gift you never knew you needed. From date night charcuterie boards (just add wine!) to party platter cheese plates, this beautiful slate and wood board can be used for all occasions. We love the paddle shape of this Mud Pie board because it is totally unique. If you don't know the couple's style, no problem! This mixed material board fits into all styles, from industrial to rustic-chic. The matching cheese spreader is a nice little bonus, too. 
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Celina Mancurti Gingham Linen Napkins

Celina Mancurti Gingham Blue Linen Napkins Set ($36)

Gingham is a hot trend this year, and even though it's always been a Southern classic, we're loving it everywhere in the home from the couch to the table. These gingham blue napkins make any Southern table feel a little more homey. Maybe it's the lightness of the linen or the picnic table-esque feel of the gingham; either way, we absolutely love these napkins from Florida-based Celina Mancurti. They're versatile enough to pair with bright colors (hello, yellow!) but they make enough of a statement to stand solo on an all white table. 
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James Handmade Goods Kona

James Handmade Goods Kona Pour Over Stand ($135)

This might be the most beautiful way to make coffee ever. Coffee drinkers will undoubtedly love the James Handmade Goods Kona Pour Over. Not only does it make a superior cup of coffee, but it also looks stunning sitting out on a kitchen counter. This single cup coffee pour over has a hand-cut geometric wooden art base and the brass arm is made from reclaimed antique lamp and chemistry lab parts. We love the pop of turquoise on the dark wood, but James Handmade Goods has a variety of finishes, so you can pick the perfect one for the soon-to-be newlyweds. 
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Creative Co-Op 4-piece Mini Stoneware Baker Set

Creative Co-Op 4-piece Mini Stoneware Baker Set ($36)

The newly married couple don't need to love baking to enjoy this mini baker set from Creative Co-Op. These small dishes are perfect for individual mac and cheese, casseroles for two, or spinach-artichoke dips come party time. The bold colors and unique patterns make them a stand out in the kitchen and on any table. We love Creative Co-Op for its fun and festive kitchen tools and serving pieces. 
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Staub Tomato Cocotte

Staub Cast Iron Tomato Cocotte ($179.99)

This gift is both functional and so adorable. Y'all know we use cast iron for pretty much everything, so consider pairing this gift with some recipes from Southern Kitchen! Its heavyweight, tight-fitting lid retains mosture for perfect braises and the its enameled coating means you'll never have to worry about seasoning. What else is there to say about this sweet cast iron tomato cocotte? It's captured our hearts and the couple who receives it is guaranteed to love it too. 
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Mona Does Concrete Coasters

Mona Does Concrete Lace Pattern Coaster Set ($32)

Yes, these coasters are beautiful on their own, but the when you put three of them together, they make a larger artistic masterpiece. Mona Does Concrete makes these hand-poured and hand-painted coasters, featuring a filigree lace pattern, by hand in Atlanta. Each set is unique, and these beautiful coasters are sure to find a place on any table. Mix and match several patterns for a unique set. 
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Whiskey carafe set

Zwiesel 1872 Hommage Comete Whiskey Carafe Set ($340)

Zwiesel 1872 glass is the highest form of glassmakers art. Each piece is handmade and mouth blown by an artisan. Give the groom and bride a taste from the finest whiskey carafe set. This beautiful set should be proudly displayed on a bar cart or in the living room — with the South's best bourbon, of course. The set includes a decanter and two rocks glasses. 
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Revol chicken gravy boat

Revol Chicken Gravy Boat ($19.99) and Roaster ($59.99)

The cutest little gravy (or sauce!) boat you ever did see. We love these red chicken gravy boats from Revol, and recommend getting a set plus the red chicken roaster, too. The couple will love serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from these chicken-themed dishes. 
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