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Raspberry Mint Popsicles

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Raspberry Mint Popsicles


We're throwing a Popsicle-palooza with these five frozen recipes

They’re flavorful, colorful and you only need one hand to eat them. Popsicles make a splash at any gathering and are a favorite among the hosts and guests of all ages because they are so convenient to make and serve.

We stepped into the Southern Kitchen test kitchen and broke out our Popsicle molds to create some new flavors inspired by Southern desserts and treats. Feel free to go a little crazy and experiment with different molds — there's no need to stick to traditional shapes. In fact, we used everything from paper cups to traditional plastic molds to create the frozen pops below.

Raspberry Mint Popsicles
These homemade popsicles are easy to make, require no actual cooking and taste purely of fresh raspberries with a hint of refreshing mint. Even better: the brightly-colored Popsicles take 10 minutes to put together. If you don’t want to take the time to strain the seeds, that’s okay too; however, the texture, appearance and overall mouthfeel of the pops are much better when you do. Whip up a batch of these pops the night before a party, and after chilling in the freezer overnight they’ll be ready as soon as your guests arrive. 
Get the recipeBanana Pudding Popsicles
You can find banana pudding on every dessert table in the South. To cool down in the summer heat we’ve transformed the classic dessert into a Popsicle that captures the beloved flavors of banana pudding. Many of us lament not being able to find proper pudding pops anymore, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make our own. When you’re making these Popsicles, the pudding will look very loose and runny when you mix it. But never fear — the excess liquid will help the pop freeze into a firm, easy-to-eat solid. 
Get the recipeGinger Limeade Popsicles
Instead of drinking a glass of limeade, we suggest enjoying it in Popsicle form. Refreshing limeade gets a sharp punch from the juice of freshly grated ginger. No need to rush out and buy Popsicle molds just to make these pops. These are the perfect pops to make if you don’t have a specialty mold. Simply pour the limeade into the paper cups and once they have begun to set, insert the Popsicle sticks. Easy peasy!
Get the recipePeaches and Cream Popsicles
With peach season in full swing, we couldn't wait to turn the juicy fruit into a frozen pop. Using only five ingredients, we've created a simple recipe that takes less than 10 minutes to put together. You'll have to let them freeze for at least an hour, but it will be worth the wait. For a more sophisticated flavor, roast peaches in drizzled honey on a sheet pan at 350 degrees for 30 minutes before adding them to the blender. 
Get the recipeVietnamese Coffee Popsicles
Between the bitter coffee and sweet condensed milk, Vietnamese coffee strikes the perfect balance. If you want to add a little zing to your summer day, we recommend setting down the hot cup of coffee and turning it into a Popsicle instead. You don’t even need to worry about brewing a pot of Joe for this recipe; make it easy on yourself and use your favorite store-bought cold brew instead. 
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