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Vote for Virginia Willis in the James Beard Foundation's More Taste, Less Waste recipe contest

Photo Credit: Virginia Willis


Vote for Virginia Willis in the James Beard Foundation's More Taste, Less Waste recipe contest

The James Beard Foundation just announced that award-winning chef, cookbook author and Southern Kitchen columnist Virginia Willis is a finalist in its More Taste, Less Waste recipe challenge.

The contest, a partnership with Quaker oats, invited culinary professionals from around the country to come up with recipes that include grains and produce, and also reduce food waste in original ways. The winner of the contest will have a $5,000 donation given in her or his name to a nonprofit U.S.-based food charity of their choice. Willis has selected the Atlanta Community Food Bank as her food charity.

Willis' dish is an Oat Sausage and Kale Stack. It is a colorful, multi-layered mix of greens, sweet onions and Asian pear on the bottom, building upward with oat sausage and avocado mash, topped with pickled carrots. Get the recipe here.

Voting is now open to the public (one vote per person, per day), and continues until 5 p.m. (Eastern) on October 6. With your support, the Atlanta Community Food Bank could get a well-deserved financial gift that will help food-insecure Southerners. If that doesn't make you feel good, eating a meal that not only reduces food waste but tastes fantastic certainly will.

Vote now for Virginia Willis' Oat Sausage and Kale Stack

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