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We're crazy excited about award-winning chef Virginia Willis' new column

Many of you have already been reading the great stories our dear friend (and, ahem, James Beard Award winner) Virginia Willis has been writing for us here at Southern Kitchen. We're so excited to announce that we'll be continuing to cook with her in 2018!

Willis' column, Cooking with Virginia, has now found its official new home at Southern Kitchen. Each month you'll enjoy new recipes, stories and tips from the cookbook author, chef and self-proclaimed country girl.

You'll get more of what you're already loving to read and cook — delicious Southern favorites as well as new spins on the classics. Willis will dive in and show you how she makes her award-winning food in her kitchen so you can recreate it yourself.

To kick things off, Willis is taking over Southern Kitchen's Instagram account next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Follow her on the @southkitch Instagram page for a peek into her kitchen.

And stay tuned for the first Cooking with Virginia story later this month. We promise you won't want to miss it!
Want to learn more? Here are five fun facts about Willis, straight from the chef herself:
1. Fishing is one of my favorite things on earth. The first time I caught a fish I was so young I jumped up and down so much I jumped out of my diaper. Normally, if I am in nature trying to relax, I will enjoy it for a bit then my mind starts to wander and I start making to-do lists. If I have a fishing pole in my hand, ALL I can think about is what’s about to be on my hook. It’s the most relaxing activity for me, even if all I catch is a "good time."

2. Somehow I seem to always burn toast. Our toaster oven with the timer has been a much needed kitchen appliance — but it never gets dark enough so I hit toast again … and sometimes burn it.

3. I could eat collard greens Every. Single. Day.

4. I can break down a chicken in less than two minutes.

5. Stouffer’s frozen microwavable macaroni and cheese is my food-sin-slash-comfort-food.
Can't wait to get Cooking with Virginia? Try these five recipes:
Virginia Willis' Grilled Gumbo
Virginia Willis' Buttermilk Biscuits
Virginia Willis' Bourbon Baked Ham
Virginia Willis' Smokey Vegan Collard Greens
Virginia Willis' Baked Potato Soup

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