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Braised brisket

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Braised brisket


'Tis the season for roasting these 3 soul-soothing recipes in the biggest pan in your kitchen

Now that it is (finally!) starting to feel like fall outside, we're ready to bust out our roasting pans and bake up some large cuts of meat. Whether you're entertaining a group of friends or simply cooking a big-batch meal on a Sunday afternoon, your roaster is your friend. These large, multipurpose pans boast the surface area needed to hold briskets, hams and turkeys, along with plenty of depth to build layers of flavors in accompanying sauces.

Our two favorite roasters have two very different designs: The Blanc Creatives roaster is a deep, round carbon steel vessel that looks almost like a wok with two easy-to-grab handles, while the Cristel stainless steel roasting pan has a traditional rectangular shape with solid triple-ply construction. Both will work beautifully for baking these three roaster-ready fall dishes: 

Low and Slow Braised Beef Brisket
While we'll never say no to good Texas barbecue brisket, it can be difficult to recreate such a dish at home. Instead, we turn to low-and-slow braised brisket when we're craving tender beef roast. One of our favorite recipes comes from Atlanta chef Richard Blais, which includes a piquant rub of Cajun seasoning, spicy brown mustard and a bit of brown sugar for balance. The brisket takes a quick trip on a ripping-hot grill to develop char before being wrapped in foil and braised for a solid 12 hours. Yes, that sounds like a lot of time, but you'll be duly rewarded for your patience when you unwrap this seriously tender and flavorful roast.
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Coca-Cola Glazed Ham
This especially Southern dish of ham glazed in Coca-Cola is an excellent choice for your roasting pan. The deep sides of the pan will contain the ham, its aluminum foil wrapping and the abundant Coca-Cola sauce as it bakes. After slowly cooking, the ham goes straight under the broiler to form a caramelized exterior, and your roaster will be able to transition between the oven and broiler with ease. Serve this dish at your next holiday gathering and you'll be a hero of a host(ess).
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Salt-Roasted Beets
On the other hand, if you're looking for a vegetable dish to cook in a roaster, beets are a great choice. We like to roast ours in a bed of salt to insulate the vegetables as they cook, keeping all of their flavor intact and preventing colors from running once the beets are cut. Scale up our recipe by two or three, and you can easily batch-roast enough beets to last you through the entire fall season. Use the final results in everything from salads to soups to pickles.
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