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Apple pie

Annie Spratt

Apple pie


Three simple ways to update your pie crust decorations this Thanksgiving

Step away from the lattice design this Thanksgiving and give your pies a facelift. With these tips and tricks your pumpkin pie will be the center of attention on the dessert table. Roll out your pie dough and begin creating these beautiful designs.

Grab a cookie cutter.
 This is one easy way to add fall touches to your pie crust design. With a simple leaf-shaped cookie cutter you can create a border around the edge of your pie or simply add a few to the top of a covered pie. 



For a pumpkin pie, you can go with a classic pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter or if you’re more adventurous adding a turkey-shaped cut is just as pretty. 

Experiment with the lattice pattern. If you still love the lattice pattern covering an apple pie and can’t let it go experiment with the size of intersecting strips of dough. To add even more detail to your lattice design, swap out plan strips of pie crust with a braided strip of pie dough. You can experiment with the width of the plain strips and braided strips to create different patterns. 



Cut it out. Literally. This technique works best for pies that are fully covered.



Once a full sheet of pie crust is covering the pie use a knife or cookie cutter to cut out sayings and shapes. One cookie cutter can turn your pie into an award-winning one. Practice creating intricate patterns to see what patterns work best for your pie. Use the left-over pieces of pie dough to adorn the edge of the crust.

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