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This week’s Southern Kitchen recipe contest: Holiday side dishes

Ramona King

One of our favorite holiday side dishes: Roasted cauliflower


This week’s Southern Kitchen recipe contest: Holiday side dishes

Even though cooks across the country fret each year about cooking the perfect turkey, we know that the real hero(es) of Thanksgiving are the side dishes. Holiday sides are the dishes that carry so many family traditions, whether that means always topping sweet potatoes with marshmallows or never cooking the same Brussels sprouts recipe twice.

That’s why this week’s contest is all about holiday side dishes.

Give us your green bean casseroles, your squash soups, your spinach salads, your potatoes every which way. If it makes an appearance at your Thanksgiving table, it's fair game. You have until October 27 to submit as many side dishes as you'd like, so get in the kitchen to test and tweak your dishes now. Our side dish winner will take home a handmade cheeseboard set from our Shoppe — a beautiful and functional display piece for any holiday meal — and will earn a spot on our exclusive Thanksgiving menu.

You can submit your recipes here or via email to editor@southernkitchen.com. (Don’t worry — we’ll remind you before the deadline.) Feel free to submit as many recipes as you’d like, but make them count! If you've got questions, check our rules page here or send us an email.

Don't forget: If you take a picture, make sure you share your recipe on Instagram with the hashtag #southernkitchencontest. We'll repost our favorites.

After the deadline, we’ll pick at least three side dishes to cook up in the Southern Kitchen test kitchen, and we'll broadcast our testing live on Facebook.

Stay tuned here, as well as on Facebook and Instagram, to follow along.

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