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Pecan pie

Ramona King

Pecan pie


This Southern dish is the most-searched Thanksgiving recipe in the South

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as we plan our Thanksgiving dinner menu there are some recipes we know by heart. However, we’ll admit that sometimes we head to Google to help us out. One dish in particular is the most-searched Thanksgiving recipe on Google throughout the South. No, it’s not turkey or stuffing- it’s pecan pie. 

Using data from Google Trends, Hayneedle created a map that shows the most-searched recipe leading up to Thanksgiving by state. Over 52 percent of the country is searching about pumpkin pie but that’s not the case in the South. In Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas people have searched for a pecan pie recipe. 

Being a true Southern dish, it looks like people throughout the South want to find the best recipe for pecan pie. Here at Southern Kitchen we have you covered. With eight different pecan pie recipes, there is something for everyone to enjoy on Thanksgiving, including classic pecan pie, chocolate pecan pie, Georgia peach and pecan pie or sweet potato pecan pie.

The pecan fun does not stop at pies. We’ve managed to incorporate pecans into 30 different dishes including wild rice butternut and pecan pilaf, cornbread dressing with pecans and apples, buttermilk pralines and pumpkin pecan streusel snack cake. If you can’t fit all of these dishes on your Thanksgiving menu feel free to try out the rest of the recipes throughout the holiday season. 

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