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These are our 8 favorite Southern barbecue restaurants

These are our 8 favorite Southern barbecue restaurants

Barbecue in the South is one of those things that provokes a wide range of opinions. Everyone has favorite places and types of barbecued foods, and there’s such a spectrum of styles – not to mention sauces – that it's hard to say anyone’s favorites are better than others. But since barbecue is meant for sharing, we figured we'd serve up the smoky, saucy goods on what we believe are the best places in the South for everyone's favorite slow-cooked comfort food.

So if you’re going to be hungry for barbecue soon and happen to be near any of the places on this list, be sure to stop in and grab a plate.

B’s Cracklin’ Barbecue -- Savannah, Ga.

You know you’ve got great barbecue when your restaurant accidentally burns down and residents of your city raise the money for you to rebuild. B's Cracklin' Barbecue pitmaster and owner Bryan “B” Furman, a South Carolina native, cooks pit-smoked brisket, ribs and chicken so perfectly that not only did he recover from the fire with the help of supportive Savannahians, but his continued success helped him expand to Atlanta, where he and his wife-slash-business partner Nikki now live. Try B's heritage pork, peach-mixed barbecue sauces, cracklin’ cornbread and perfectly blackened brisket (which even native Texans applaud). And while no one wants another fire -- at least not outside the pit -- don't be surprised if you find yourself stashing away a few bucks for B's after your first bite, just in case.

Follow us to North Carolina for our next favorite BBQ restaurant

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