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Thanksgiving dinner

Maura Friedman

Thanksgiving dinner


The most popular Thanksgiving food in every Southern state, according to General Mills

When we think of Thanksgiving, classic dishes like cranberry sauce, stuffing and green bean casserole come to mind. It turns out some people break tradition and celebrate Thanksgiving with some non-traditional dishes. 

By taking the top searches on websites like Betty Crocker.com and Pillsbury.com, General Mills compiled a map of the most popular and unique Thanksgiving food in each state. Throughout the South, people searched for everything from pies to casseroles. Southerners don’t stray too far from traditional flavors and ingredients, like sweet potato, but a few states have some odd choices that made the list.


Here are the traditional and not-so traditional Thanksgiving foods people are searching for in the South. 

Alabama: Sausage balls

Arkansas: Chicken and Dumplings

Florida: Pumpkin Cheesecake

Georgia: Sweet Potato Casserole

Kentucky: Chicken and Dumplings

Louisiana: Cornbread Dressing 

Maryland: Crab Cake

Mississippi: Chicken Spaghetti

North Carolina: Sweet Potato Pie

South Carolina: Sweet Potato Pie

Tennessee: Sausage balls

Texas: Chicken Spaghetti

Virginia: Macaroni and Cheese

West Virginia: Buffalo Chicken Dip


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Photo credit info-graphic map: Rock 98.3 Facebook

Photo credit pumpkin cheesecake: Southern Kitchen

Photo credit cornbread dressing: Maura Friedman

Photo credit sweet potato pie: Ramona King

Photo credit macaroni and cheese: Ideabar Austin


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