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cranberry sauce

Ramona King

Who Needs the Canned Stuff? Cranberry Sauce


Thanksgiving is in two days! If you're just starting to plan dinner, here are the 3 recipes you need

Contrary to popular belief, you can whip up Thanksgiving in a day — all you need is a game plan.

While the turkey is cooking in the oven (check out our guide to Thanksgiving turkey), stick to the essentials that don't take up much oven space and are quick and easy to assemble, but never skimp on flavor. We'll forgive you if you heat up a frozen pie or two.

Here are three recipes that will get you covered for the big day.

Who Needs the Canned Stuff? Cranberry Sauce
Many people default to using canned cranberry sauce, but making it from scratch is oh-so easy. This ultra-quick recipe guarantees that you'll never look back. Fresh cranberries are usually available in most supermarkets around this time of year; if you can’t find them, you can substitute frozen cranberries, which are available year-round.
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Truffle Mashed Potatoes
These stovetop mashed potatoes go from spud to classic side dish in record time and can be made well in advance. To make quick work of mashing the potatoes, invest in a ricer, which will give the potatoes a fluffy consistency and give you more time for turkey basting — or relaxing with a well-deserved drink
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Squash Casserole 
This recipe plays double duty as both a comforting, cheesy side, and an almost-guilt-free vegetable dish. For the best timing, start this recipe just before the turkey is done and finish it up in the oven while the turkey is resting, so it's bubbly and ready to eat by the time you're ready for carving.    
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Photo credit (Truffle Mashed Potoatoes): Cynthia Hoyt
Photo credit (Squash Casserole): Ramona King

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