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spring strawberry french toast

Ramona King

Stuffed French toast with strawberries is the perfect breakfast to welcome spring into your kitchen.


Forget spring cleaning — it's time for spring eating, drinking and entertaining

From biscuit parties to outdoor cookouts, and every strawberry recipe in between, it's time to embrace the new season with Southern Kitchen's guide to spring food, drink and entertaining.

If you've had the chance to go to your local farmers market or even taken a spin around the produce section of your grocery store, you've probably noticed a few new additions. The change in seasons means that for the first time in a while fruits and vegetables such as asparagus, strawberries, peas and artichokes are back. 

Even better — the arrival of these ingredients also means we're entering backyard and patio season again, which means you can dust off your grill for some outdoor entertaining time. And our guide to spring food and drink will help you get ready for all of the greatness that this new season brings.

Read on for a baker's dozen of ideas for how to celebrate spring.

The Southern Kitchen guide to flakiest, butteriest, most delicious biscuits
Let's begin at the beginning — with breakfast, naturally. Admittedly there is nothing inherently springy about buttermilk biscuits. But when the sun is streaming in through your kitchen, your doors are wide open to let in the fresh air, and the birds are happily chirping outside, biscuits just seem to taste that much better. So go ahead and heat up your oven and get to making warm, hot biscuits. They're even better with homemade apricot or mixed berry jam. 
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Why Virginia Willis makes her egg sandwiches just like they do at the Masters
Down South the Masters are almost synonymous with spring. Held in April in Augusta, Georgia, Southerners travel far and wide to watch the masters of golf excel at their craft while eating — oddly enough — egg sandwiches. Southern Kitchen contributor Virginia Willis cracked the code on Augusta National's secret recipe so, even if you can't make it to the tournament, you can still eat egg salad like a champ.
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The Southern Kitchen guide to grilling
Perhaps one of the best things about the return of spring is that we can dust off our grills, fire them up and start enjoying the company of family and friends outdoors again. This guide will help to make sure that no matter when you decide to throw your first backyard get-together, you've got the knowledge and the recipes to make it a success. 
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Hosting your spring cookout, from food to fun
Once you've become a master on the grill, it's time to conquer all of the other aspects that go into a successful spring soiree. From make-ahead appetizers to the best backyard games to keep the kids (and some adults) busy, this guide is exactly what you need. 
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Our 10 all-time favorite vegetable dishes
Whether you decide to grill, blanch or bake 'em, vegetables are all the rage this time of year. It's almost impossible not to get swept up in the craze since, first of all, they're everywhere and, second, they're just so gosh darn pretty. Our advice is to shop for what's in season and then go crazy with all the different ways you can cook them up. 
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Over 20 hearty, colorful Southern-inspired salads
We are a quarter of the way through 2019 which means by now we're (hopefully) all still keeping to our New Year's resolutions. But can I be honest for a second? It's hard to eat salads when it's cold outside. That's why as soon as spring rolls around, my commitment to eating more vegetables gets so much easier. These 20 salads are hearty enough to keep you full for hours but also refreshing enough to make you feel light on your feet. 
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8 sweet and savory strawberry-filled recipes
Nothing says spring better than a basket of ripe, in-season strawberries. A farmers market favorite, it’s easy to find yourself with more of these juicy little guys than you know what to do with. We recommend displaying them in a beautiful basket or better yet, cooking with them. Click the link to grab eight of our absolute favorite recipes for spring's best fruit. 
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12 of our favorite fruit-filled, fluffy and caramel-topped spring cake recipes
Whether you like your cakes loaded with berries or topped with cloud-like fluffy frosting, this collection of Southern spring cake recipes will help you rediscover some desserts you might already love, as well as — hopefully — introduce you to some new cakes that are sure to wow whomever you're choosing to share them with. 
Get the recipesNow that we've more than covered the basics, it's time for a cocktail! Check out the links below for some of our favorite spring-ready beverages: 

Classic French 75
New Orleans-Style Pimm's Cup
Zero-Proof Strawberry Mojito

Bourbon Prosecco Spritzer
The Bee's Knees

Photos (biscuit bar, citrus salad, strawberry pancakes, strawberry cake, French 75): Ramona King
Photo (egg salad sandwich): Virginia Willis
Photo (grilling bread): Maura Friedman
Photo (okra): Danielle Atkins

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