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Spinach artichoke dip

Ramona King

Make spinach-artichoke dip in an Instant Pot for the Big Game.


Score a touchdown with these Southern game day appetizers, entrees, cocktails and more

Ahh, Super Bowl Sunday, the one day a year when hoards of people can enthusiastically scream "It's good!" without necessarily talking about food — unless you're using this guide, of course. Between perfect football drinks and ultra-quick dips, we've got you covered with all of your food and drink needs for the Big Game.

Football is a uniquely American sport that triggers our most basic tribal allegiances. Whether you're a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cincinnati Bengals — or in this Super Bowl — the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, countless families and friends with gather around the television sets to watch two teams duke it out for the championship. 

Whether you care deeply about the outcome of the game, or are just there for snacks and the commercials (hello), this guide will make sure that you have the most important thing on game day: fuel to keep you on your toes and fully engaged in the game or all those breaks in between the action. Six Southern drinks to get the conversation flowing
Let's kick this list off with an incredibly important and often overlooked necessity to any gathering, drinks. A natural social lubricant — or balm if your team starts losing — the proper adult beverages will make sure to keep up the conversation and cheery vibes. 
Grab the recipes 10 creamy, piquant Southern pimento cheese recipes
Can you have a Southern gathering of any kind without the appearance of pimento cheese? Whether you prefer it smeared over crackers or used as a spread on top of sliders, these crowd-pleasing recipes are sure to be a big hit. 
Try them allWe made this beloved snack in an Instant Pot and it's all the better for it
If you're hosting the Super Bowl party this year and you want to kick things up a notch in the appetizer department, look no further than this spinach artichoke dip. Made with frozen spinach, jarred artichokes, Parmesan cheese and more garlic than should be allowed in any one recipe, this snack is not only economical for a large crowd but also packed with flavor. Another perk? You can make this in an Instant Pot and keep it hot until you're ready to serve. 
Get the recipe8 of our greatest chili recipes
Every once in a while, we all find ourselves in the mood to show off. Traditional Super Bowl fare includes snacks like wings and ribs, but if you want to treat your guest to a full meal, you're gonna want to fire up the chili pot. No matter if you prefer pork, beef or want to keep it vegetarian, these eight recipes are guaranteed to get you where you're going — flavor town.
See all of the recipes15 inspired Southern dishes and cocktails for a potluck event
Looking to give your guests the full game day pot luck experience? This guide includes appetizers, entrees, desserts and big-batch cocktails to create a menu that suits whatever your needs may be. Time to start assigning dishes, stat! 
Grab the recipesHere’s our ultimate tailgating party menu
If you're going the tailgating route, instead of hosting in a home, we've got the perfect guide for you. From cocktails to game time essentials, we'll make sure you're prepared and that your guests are well fed — and a little tipsy. 
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Photo (girls with beers): Maura Friedman
Photos (spinach dip, chili): Ramona King
Photo (Outdoor table spread): Lee Myungseong/Unsplash
Photo (Tailgate group photo): Facebook 

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