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Breakfast in bed

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Southern Kitchen's foolproof guide to breakfast in bed

The perfect Mother's Day gift is made with love and served in bed. If you’re looking for a simple way to impress your mom, whip up a delicious breakfast and serve it to the supermom in your life. We can't think of a better gift idea (and a fun way) to get the kids involved in a homemade gift.

To make sure nothing disastrous happens, we've got nine tips and tricks to make your morning meal shine. 

Plan out your menu ahead of time
Is your mom a savory or sweet breakfast person? Do they want a giant omelet or a plate of French toast covered in strawberry Nutella? Or do they want both? Instead of just throwing together what you have in the fridge, customize breakfast in bed spread specifically for your sweetie. Get the kids involved by having them ask mom or dad about their favorite breakfast dishes. Breakfast tray Know your tray
Your breakfast-in-bed vessel is just as important as the food. Real Simple recommends a tray that has handles and rim to catch any spillage. If you want to get fancier, look for a tray that has legs — this will create a mini table to allow your loved one to enjoy the meal without having to worry about perfecting a balancing act.Kids cooking in the kitchen Get the kids involved
If you want to make sure the kids don’t wake up mom early, get them involved. Along with helping plan the menu, have the kids help cook and assemble the breakfast tray. No matter what age, kids can help out in a number of ways by flipping pancakes, adding fresh berries to a cup of yogurt or getting the bacon going. Not only will this quiet them down and keep them concentrated, they’ll be proud of their handiwork. Champagne glasses Avoid messy spills
Putting dishes together on a breakfast tray is like putting together a puzzle — you want to make sure everything looks great and won’t end up in the sheets. You shouldn’t have problems if you balance the weight of dishes evenly on the tray, but glassware can be tricky. Instead of putting flute glasses (of mimosas, of course) on the tray, wait until the tray is in place and then hand the glass to your sweetie. The same principle applies if you have a hot beverage, like tea or coffee. No one wants a mug full of anything spilled all over the bed.Country Ham and Broccoli Frittata Keep it simple but decadent
Some foods just aren’t meant to be eaten in bed. While we highly recommend making an Elvis pancake stack cake on Mother's Day, the chocolate-covered dish is messy and impractical to serve in bed. Try serving sturdier foods like frittatas, waffles or biscuits.  Flowers Make it special
Adding little touches, like fresh flowers or a plate of chocolates, not only dresses up the tray, but also shows the supermom in your life that you know what she likes. Real Simple recommends splurging on one item, like macarons, which “can make the difference between a spread that looks like an in-flight snack and something she’ll remember.”
Don’t forget the booze
There’s nothing wrong with a boozy breakfast in bed. We recommend adding a glass (or two!) of mimosas or bloody marys to your spread. If your mommy is more of a bourbon drinker, you might want to consider making this bourbon prosecco spritzer. Cheers!Handwritten card Add a personal touch
Put a personal touch on the tray by adding a homemade item. Print out a photo of you and your family to put next to the fresh flowers or have the kids draw a picture that you can use as a placemat. If you don’t have time to create something homemade, you can still add a personal touch by including a newspaper or magazine. Bread Pudding French Toast Our breakfast in bed recipe recommendations
We've got the perfect options from which to choose to craft your own personal breakfast and bed tray. Whether you like dishes that are savory or sweet, we've got something delicious for you to make. 

Bread Pudding French Toast
Pumpkin Banana Bread Muffins
Cinnamon Rolls
Pumpkin Pancakes

Anne Byrn's Make-Ahead Breakfast Strata
Bacon-Cheddar Drop Biscuits
Perfect Scrambled Eggs
Chicken and Waffles
Country Ham and Broccoli Frittata

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