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chocolate walnut pie

Kate Williams

Chocolate and walnut pie


From flaky crust to flavor-packed fillings, read on for the Southern Kitchen guide to perfect pies

A good slice of pie is like a best friend — sweet, inviting and always there to lift your spirits. And down South, being known for baking a good pie can make you a living legend. Whether filled to the brim with nuts, crunchy apples or juicy berries, there is no denying the simple goodness of pie. And we've got the guide to doing it right.

As with most things that people love, there are strong opinions around what "good" pie really is. People can spend hours agonizing over the simple things — store bought crust or homemade? Walnuts or pecans? Pumpkin or sweet potatoes? 

No matter what you choose to put in your pie, you're sure to wind up with an amazing dessert by using our guide.Here's how to make a perfect pie crust from scratch
First things first, a good pie deserves a great base — in this case, a flaky, butter-filled homemade crust. One of the best things about pie is getting a piece of the gooey dough that is soaking with fruit juices and sugar. This recipe is not only incredibly easy, it'll help you learn that once you bake a pie with homemade crust — and realize how quick and simple it is — you'll likely never buy premade again.
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13 decadent Southern pie recipes anybody can make
Now that you've got the crust down, it's time to move on to actually filling your pie with pure deliciousness. These 13 pies cover almost every flavor profile there is: chocolate, berries, peanut butter and more. The possibilities are endless.
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3 butter-filled approaches to all-American, all-Southern apple pie
No matter your personal favorite, one thing is true: In the hearts or many, there is almost nothing as quintessentially American as apple pie. For many first time pie-makers, apple is a starting point. But there's more than one way to, er, peel an apple. These three recipes cover the gamut from classic to modern and — bonus — you'll also get a primer on which apples are best for the job.
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14 swoon-worthy pie recipes for Thanksgiving ... or any other holiday, really
There is something about the holiday season that makes all of us want to slap on an apron and bake for hours — or maybe it's just me. Either way, fall and winter are when we get some of the best pie fillings around, like nuts, squashes and pears. Check out this recipe round up if you still can't shake your craving for pumpkin pie.
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33 flaky, fruity, chocolatey and nutty Southern pies
From quick apple hand pies to the perfectly tart key lime pie, this recipe round up has 33 of our most popular and beloved pie recipes. There is something for everyone here.
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Taste of a Place: Homegrown tomato pie
Did you know that not all pies have to be sweet? Savory pies are perfect for breakfast, lunch or even dinner — think about how delicious chicken pot pie is. You can fill them with eggs, cheese, bacon or veggies. There are no rules when it comes to pie. One of our favorite savory pies is a recipe from Anne Byrn — tomato and cheese pie.
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Photos (pie crust, strawberry pie): Kate Williams
Photo (apple slab pie): Christopher Hirsheimer
Photo (sweet potato pie): Ramona King
Photo (hand pies): Ryan Hughley

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