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The South is getting in on the CBD craze with these 4 artisan products

It seems that almost every where you look, from magazines and commercials to even the sides of buildings, people are touting the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). Even here in the South, where blue laws still reign supreme in many places.

But what is CBD really?

CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which is related to the cannabis plant that produces the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Unlike THC, it it will not get you high. However, thanks to a reignited interested in alternative natural medicines, CBD is having a moment in the sun.

There are several alleged benefits in ingesting CBD or using it as a pain-relieving rub. Everything from chronic pain to anxiety are said to be treatable with CBD. Now, thanks to the Farm Bill that was passed by Congress in 2018, it's now completely legal to buy CBD containing less than 0.3 percent of THC in various states across the country.

Southerners, never ones to be outdone, are slowly getting in on the action, and these companies are leading the way.  

Cultured South Fermentation Company (Atlanta)
When owner Melanie Wade first open the doors of her fermentation room in the historic West End district, her business made a splash. Since College, Wade has been using her grandmothers kombucha culture to create her own fizzy probiotic heavy drink. In 2013, Wade launched Golda, a kombucha brand made exclusively in Atlanta and available now in various groceries stores across the country. At the beginning of the year, her company made headlines again when they debuted the first CBD infused kombucha to be widely available in the city. Due to the demand, their grapefruit and rosemary CBD kombucha never stays available for long, so if you happen to visit and they have it on tap, try it while you can.  

East Tennessee Hemp Company (Johnson City, Tennessee)
This small town CBD dispensary is making a name for itself in the state of Tennessee where CBD laws are still pretty unclear. If you're a hemp fan this store has everything from coffee filters made out of the plant to wallets and fanny packs. As far as CBD goes, the product range is impressive — chocolate bars, pet sedatives, honey sticks and bathbombs. Should you live nearby, you're sure to find anything you could possibly want. 

Mountain Pure CBD (Louisiana)
This first of its kind business was founded by a group of Louisiana natives seeking an all natural alternative to medicines. The company, launched in 2018, now sells wide-ranging CBD products both to individuals and businesses. The company sells massage oils, lip balms, vape pens and more. 
Holistic Hemp Co. (Fort Worth, Texas)
For Texas-based sisters Amber and Alaina Lansing, starting a hemp business was a no-brainer. After years of working in more traditional fields, the sisters decided to gamble on themselves and start their own company. Holistic Hemp Company was founded in 2016 and for over three years it has been turning out innovative and quality hemp based ingredients. All the hemp used in their products is sourced in America. Patrons can select from options such as capsules, tinctures and even body butter.

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