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Srirancha dipping sauce

Maura Friedman

Srirancha dipping sauce


Merriam-Webster finally catches up with the times and adds Sriracha to the dictionary

From grilled cheese to noodle soup, we know you like to put Sriracha sauce on everything. Now that personal essay or blog post about your love for the spicy Thai sauce can finally spell-check test, because "Sriracha" has made it into Merriam-Webster's dictionary.

Yes, Sriracha sauce is offically a part of the English language, at least according to Merriam-Webster. The dictionary is actually a little behind the times, according to our style gurus of choice, the Assoicated Press, which added the sauce, capitalized, in 2008.

To celebrate, we're going to eat Sriracha all day.

For breakfast, we'll make a big bowl of Chef's Morning After mac and cheese and give it a copious drizzle of Sriracha. The thick, creamy hot sauce offers balance and piquancy to the rich cheese sauce, hot dogs and bacon.

Lunch screams out for shrimp po'boys with a quick remolaude sauce, which has a boosted spice level thanks to plenty of the red rooster sauce. 

For a snack? Fried alligator with srirancha sauce fits the bill and doubles down on new words, with our own spicy ranch "Srirancha" invention. A full quarter-cup of Sriracha meets a big and bold blend of classic ranch ingredients. 

At dinner, we'll bring Sriracha to a grilled chicken wing party and make a quick twist on an aioli.

What do you like to eat with Sriracha sauce? Send us your favorite recipes for a chance to end up in our Southern Kitchen recipe database.

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