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augusta national golf course

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The Augusta National Golf Course is home to the Masters Tournament each April.


How to celebrate the Masters Tournament, Southern Kitchen-style

It's finally Masters time, y'all! Whether you're headed to Augusta National or just straight to the television (a.k.a. most of us), you should be celebrating in style. And we're here to help!

From recipe round-ups to guides to the best Masters gear, we've got everything you need to get that hole-in-one, at least when it comes to food and drink.

Learn why Southern Kitchen chef Jeffrey Gardner got a cease-and-desist letter from Augusta National
With the Masters Tournament occurring during the first week of April, he thought that it would be fun to host an event similar to Augusta National's annual Champions' Dinner. In doing so, he found himself about to face legal action from the same organization to whom he was paying tribute.
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No, you're not spelling pim(i)ento cheese wrong
Potato, potahto. Tomato, tomatoh. Pimento, pimiento? Of all the spellings and pronunciations to argue about, the use of the second "i" in pimento is, at least to this writer, the silliest. According to some Southerners, it isn't the true cheese-and-pepper dip/spread without that extra "i." To others, the extra letter adds another layer of confusion to the actual provenance and ingredients in the dish — is it pronounced pimmenapim-ee-ento, or pim-en-toh?
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This is what makes your Masters gear so cool
The Masters logo has become a status symbol that transcends the sport of golf because attaining Masters gear is a quest that can only be completed by visiting Augusta National during tournament days, or asking (okay, begging) a friend who has a badge to load up on the goods for you.
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Why Virginia Willis makes her egg sandwiches just like they do at the Masters
Each and every spring, Virginia Willis' mother, and occasionally her father, would take her to the Masters Tournament. After a few hours of wandering, they would pick up egg salad sandwiches, crisply wrapped with military precision in green waxed paper, and sit on an adjacent bench to enjoy a simple lunchtime feast. Creamy diced eggs combined with mayonnaise and served on fluffy white bread, their taste was far, far greater than the sum of their simple parts, in the way that only a special time in a special place with a special person can be.
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On or off the green, 6 recipes for your next golf-themed gathering
What better way to celebrate a sports event than with party featuring a spread of tasty, golf-sized finger food? And better yet, all of these recipes go great with an Arnold Palmer. 
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10 creamy, piquant Southern pimento cheese recipes
This "pate of the South" is a quintessential Masters dish, and it is worth, uh, mastering in your own kitchen. The “perfect” Southern pimento cheese recipe will be different depending upon whom you ask. Southerners, from state to state and even table to table, prefer different ingredients and flavors. But almost everyone agrees that the ideal pimento cheese is effortlessly spreadable, a bit chunky and — most importantly — never drowning in mayonnaise.
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Booze up your Arnold Palmer with these twists on the classic
A staple of Southern patios and backyards throughout the South, as well as the yearly Masters Tournament, the drink known as the Arnold Palmer is named for the legendary golfer. It's traditionally made with equal parts lemonade and sweet tea and served over plenty of ice for a thirst-quenching refresher you can drink all day long. And this tea and lemonade base can serve as a springboard for all kinds of delicious cocktails that are both refreshing and, well, relaxing.
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Photo (hero): John Trainor/Flickr (license)
Photos (pimento cheese, grit fritters): Ramona King
Photo (flag cup): Curioser*Curiouser/Flickr
Photo (egg salad sandwich): Virginia Willis
Photo (pimento beer cheese): Ryan Hughley
Photo (Arnold Palmers): Kate Williams