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Oven-roasted turkey

Ramona King

Oven-roasted turkey


Make it fast or make it slow: Thanksgiving turkey, two ways

For those of us who love to cook, there's nothing better than spending an entire Sunday afternoon in the kitchen, simmering sauces and baking cakes. But the reality is that those days of long-recipe luxury are few and far between. In Make it Fast or Make it Slow, we're bringing you two versions of the same dish: one that's quick and easy and one that's well, not so quick. Both are worthy of an addition to your repertoire, whether you're feeling ambitious or just hungry.

This week we will tackle Thanksgiving turkey.


Deep-Fried Turkey
Deep-fried turkey is simpler and quicker to prepare than the traditional oven roasted varieties. However, as with all great turkey recipes, you will have to start your preparation the day before. Our own chef Jeffrey Gardner recommends brining your turkey to keep the meat tender and boost its flavor. A quick one-hour trip in the fryer will cook the bird perfectly and give it crisp crackling skin, making for a centerpiece that will please even the fussiest Thanksgiving guest.
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Oven-Roasted Turkey
This traditional roasted turkey takes a good bit longer to cook, but it is a labor of love for the host who truly enjoy all parts of holiday cooking. Again, you'll want to start with a brine — a dry brine this time — the day before. When you're ready to roast, fill the turkey cavity with herbs, onions and garlic ‘fixins’ and then let the oven do its thing. When the meat comes to temperature, its skin will be ultra brown and crisp, and even the white meat will be tender and fragrant.
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Angela Oyesiku is an assistant recipe editor at Southern Kitchen. She is a proud UGA bulldog and Georgia State alum. After a fulfilling career as a teacher stateside and abroad, she has taken on a new challenge and is immersing herself in the food industry. Beginning in her hometown of Atlanta, she quickly gained experience working as an educational chef to elementary students, sous chef to private chefs and most recently participating in Slow Food’s 11th annual ice cream social as an independent ice cream chef. She is well known amongst her friends as the consummate hostess in her home and a most adventurous companion for supper clubs and food festivals. In her free time she practices yoga, runs, bakes and makes incredible dairy-free ice cream.