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strawberry shortcake from Atlas restaurant

Ramona King

Strawberry Shortcake by Christian Castillo of Atlas Restaurant in Atlanta


Learn how to plate this snazzy, stunning strawberry shortcake like a pastry chef

Strawberry shortcake is one of my all-time favorite desserts. Usually, I make it by baking up a dozen slightly-sweet biscuits and then topping them with mounds of whipped cream and sliced ripe strawberries. And sure, this method is pretty in its own right — after all, in what world are strawberries and whipped cream not drop-dead gorgeous? But the next time I have a dinner party, I want to turn my plating up a knotch.

For help, I turned to one of my favorite Atlanta pastry chefs, Christian Castillo of Buckhead's Atlas restaurant. Chef Castillo makes some amazing dessets (I particulary love his always-on-the-menu and vanilla-filled Staint Honoré dessert, which includes cake, cream puffs and pralines) so I knew he would be a great teacher.

Earlier this year, I visited the restaurant before service started, and I brought with me our Visual Content Producer Ramona King and her husband Travis to document the whole thing. Chef Castillo walked me through the conception and plating of his refined twist on strawberry shortcake, complete with lychee sorbet and hibiscus consomme.

Watch the video below to learn how to recreate the dish in your own home, and don't forget to check out the recipe, which you can find in our recipe collection.


Get the recipe for Chef Castillo's Strawberry Shortcake

Video: King Studios

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