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Kentucky Fried Chicken

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Kentucky Fried Chicken


Kentucky Fried Chicken announces its first female Colonel Sanders

As a part of KFC’s new marketing strategy, actors and comedians, such as Jim Gaffigan, Darrell Hammond, Rob Lowe and Norm McDonald, have played the role of Colonel Sanders. For their latest campaign, they’ve decided to switch up the look of the colonel and recruit a new kind of celebrity for the role. 

Not only is the new colonel portrayed by a woman, it’s also the first time a singer is taking on the role. So, who is taking on the iconic job?

The Queen of Country music, Reba McEntire. 

Yesterday, KFC announced on Twitter its latest pick, and we have to say we’re proud a Southern woman was chosen. McEntire’s portrayal of the Colonel coincides with the launch of the company’s newest menu item, Smoky Mountain Barbeque fried chicken. 

“The pairing of a universally loved music legend like Reba with a universally appealing flavor like Smoky Mountain BBQ makes what I like to call ‘Smoky Mountain Magic,’” Andrea Zahumensky, the company’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement to Food & Wine

Donning a fake beard, mustache, white hair and white suit, it’s refreshing to see a woman taking on the role and showing off her talented voice. The new Colonel Sanders sings her love for the new Smoky Mountain BBQ in a honky tonk bar scene. It’s a performance we’ve never seen from Colonel Sanders before. 

McEntire, who is a native of Oklahoma, revealed to Food & Wine that she grew up as KFC fan, so being the face of fried chicken should come easy. We can’t wait to see where Reba’s Colonel pops up next. 

Watch the full Colonel Sanders performance here

Photo credit: Mike Mozart Flickr (license)

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