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Annie Lou's Chocolate Meringue Tarts

Danielle Atkins

Annie Lou's Chocolate Meringue Tarts


Here's our new favorite way to eat dessert

By making your favorite desserts bite-sized, you can have your cake and eat it too — just think of them as a mini-indulgence! 

Here are three of our favorite mini treats to get you through the week. 

Annie Lou's Chocolate Meringue Tarts
These little tarts are the perfect way to satisy a chocolatey craving without committing to the whole pie. Using pre-made pastry shells makes whipping up these mini tarts that much easier, but if you'd like to make your own, we love our easy as, well, pie dough recipe
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Buttermilk Pralines
A healthy portion of pecans makes this little indulgence seem not so sinful; feel free to switch out the pecans for your favorite nut to suit your mood. The first time making these sticky snacks can be a little tricky — using two spoons will help ensure perfectly sized portions and minimal messes. 
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Quick Beignets
Nothing really beats a beignet. Fluffy, fried and covered in a healthy amount of powdered sugar, these little fritters will go fast! Our version makes quick work of an otherwise all-day recipe and can easily be scaled up, making this a crowd favorite at parties or a party of one — you deserve it. 
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Photo credit (Buttermilk Pralines and Quick Beignets): Ramona King 

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