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Christmas in July brunch

Ramona King


Here are 13 ways you can (and should!) be celebrating Christmas in July this week

Christmas may be a full six months away, but the way we're looking at it, the holiday season is really just a short few months from kicking into high gear. And there's no better way to insert a little fun into your end of summer plans than by channeling the cooler weather and cookie-filled parties of December.

Here are 13 ways you can celebrate Christmas in July this week.

If you're game to crank up your oven (and your A.C.), here's how we make a perfect roast of beef, each and every time. We'll give you step-by-step encouragement, plus a foolproof recipe — complete with tangy, spicy horseradish cream.

Turn your cookies into a towering Christmas tree with this guide to multi-purpose, edible holiday decorations. And if you'd prefer a simple wreath to a tall conifer, we've got you covered with a how-to video.
Patatas BravasPull out your cast iron skillets (defintely skillets, plural) for this all cast iron, all the time, Christmas menu. It includes not only celebratory dinner ideas, but brunch as well.

If you'd rather hone in on brunch and skip all those other wintery foods, here's how to do it easily and deliciously. Don't forget the mimosas!

Or feel free to skip actual, um, food, and pull out bags of the most popular Christmas candy in your home state. Some of the results may or may not surprise you.

holiday eggnog and mulled wineAll of your holiday wine questions are answered in our pairing guide. Learn how to match that perfect roast with the perfect red and get a primer on all of our favorite bubbly wines.

If you want to get even deeper into holiday beverage territory, look no further than our lineup of the most creative egg nog recipes we could find

Go ahead and mark your calendars now for the November arrival of Miracle, the holiday-themed pop-up bar that will once again return to the South for kitschy cocktails and more Santa hats than you know what to do with.

pineapple holiday centerpieceGet yourself in the holiday mood by reading up on our staff's favorite holiday traditions. ("Die Hard" is available to rent on Amazon, just FYI.)

When you're wanting to look your holiday best and, at the same time, celebrate the best fried food in existence, pull out these wares from Kentucky Fried Chicken. There's even an internet escape pod, for, you know, when you need to take your 15 minute Twitter break.

A great way to celebrate Christmas in July while maintaining a summery feel in your home is to decorate a pineapple "Christmas tree." Here's how.

Get your holiday shopping done early by consulting our guide to the Southern Kitchen staff's favorite gifts. We may even have a deal or two thrown in later this week, so stay tuned.

Photo (potatoes): Ramona King
Photo (holiday drinks): Danielle Atkins
Photo (pineapple): Beth McKibben

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