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Country ham and peach bites

Lisa Lotts

Country Ham N' Peach Bites


The greatest way to elevate your most beautiful recipes

Looking for an easy way to create a gorgeous centerpiece or impressive food display for your next gathering? Elevate your food, literally, with a cake stand. 

To honor our favorite centerpiece, here are our six all-time prettiest recipes, from appetizers to desserts.

Country Ham N' Peach Bites
This 15-minute appetizer pays off big in flavor and presentation thanks to juicy slices of peaches wrapped in savory country ham and drizzled with spicy honey. For the best results, you'll want to use ripe peaches, so, unless you're bookmarking this for summertime, feel free to use honeydew melons or canalopes — that spiced honey tastes great on anything. 
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Fontina and Fig Chutney Grilled Cheese Bites
Want to create an eye-catching display for guests at your next shindig? Whip up a double batch of these savory and sweet little bites and artfuly stack them on top of each other on a cake stand — no one will be able resist such an impressive and cheesy centerpiece. This recipe calls for a homemade fig chutney, which adds a beautiful spicy and smoky flavor, but feel free to buy a storebought version when crunched for time. Add even more cheese to your cake stand with our tips on building the perfect cheese board
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Pork Tenderloin with Red Cabbage and Apples
Serving dinner from a cake stand instantly adds a comforting and celebratory atmosphere to any dinner party, especially when you're talking about this cozy one-pot wonder. When ready to serve, place a warmed platter onto the cake stand, spread out a layer of the prepared red cabbage and apples, pre-slice the tenderloin and arrange on top of the veggies. Dig in!   
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Southern Cast Iron Fried Chicken
To us, fried chicken could only get more beautiful than when piled high on a cake stand. To make sure your bird tastes as good as it looks, we recommend using a cast iron skillet for frying — such a heavy-bottomed skillet allows for an even shallow fry, which helps the crust to adhere better to the chicken than a deep fry. (And who doesn't love a well-stuck crust?) 
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Annie Lou's Chocolate Meringue Tarts
These pretty little tarts are the perfect way to serve up something sweet without committing to the whole pie. Using pre-made pastry shells makes whipping up these mini tarts that much easier, but if you'd like to make your own, we love our easy as, well, pie dough recipe
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Quick Beignets
What could be more tempting than fluffy beignets dusted with a healthy amount of powdered sugar piled high on a rotating cake stand? Our version makes quick work of an otherwise all-day recipe and can easily be scaled up, making this a crowd favorite at parties or a party of one — you deserve it. 
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Photo credit (BootHill Blades Lazy Susan, Pork Tenderloin with Red Cabbage and Apples, Quick Beignets): Ramona King 
Photo credit (Fontina and Fig Chutney Grilled Cheese Bites): Lisa Lotts 
Photo credit (Southern Cast Iron Fried Chicken): Ideabar Austin 
Photo credit (Annie Lou's Chocolate Meringue Tarts): Danielle Atkins 

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