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Candy canes

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Candy canes


Favorite recipes of the week: Candy cane ice cream and more

While we love to cook up (and eat) our in-house Southern Kitchen recipes, we still spend plenty of time reading recipes from bloggers and other food websites. Every Friday, we'll round up some of our favorites so that you'll have plenty of fodder for your weekend kitchen experiments.

Our favorite recipes this week include slow cooker pork shoulder, apple and gouda skillet pies, chipotle shrimp tacos and candy cane ice cream. It's time to get cooking.

Apple & Gouda Skillet Pies
Bite into the taste of fall with this recipe from Biscuits & Such. Sweet and savory flavors combine in these mini pies that are cooked in a cast iron biscuit pan. The sweet apple pie filling is made with apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and ginger. The smoked gouda is hidden in the pie crust and is a savory twist that accents the pie filling. If you don’t have a cast iron biscuit pan you can change the recipe to create one regular-sized pie in a full-sized skillet.
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Slow Cooker Pork Shoulder with Zesty Basil Sauce
Slow cookers are making a comeback, and this easy recipe from Epicurious allows you to create a dish you’ll love that doesn’t take a lot of effort to cook. In it, the pork shoulder is seasoned and chilled overnight. The next morning, you can throw it into the slow cooker and forget about it until you begin to prepare dinner about eight hours later. The only thing left to prepare is the zesty basil sauce that will go on top.
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Chipotle Shrimp Tacos
Brighten up your winter with these spicy chipotle shrimp tacos from My Recipes. Seasoned with chili powder, cumin and chipotle chile powder, the shrimp offer a burst of spicy flavor to each taco. 

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Candy Cane Ice Cream

It’s candy cane season and there’s no better way to eat this Christmas candy than in ice cream. This ice cream from Cupcake Diaries is a no-churn recipe, so you can enjoy this holiday treat even if you don’t have an ice cream maker. The candy cane ice cream must, however, freeze overnight, so if you want to serve this dessert at a holiday party, make sure to start it a day or two in advance. 

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